Glendale Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Glendale-Workers-Compensation-Lawyers-hurt-man-receiving-exam-from-nurse-and-doctorIf you have suffered a workplace injury, hiring a Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer can make your experience less stressful. Workers’ compensation benefits are distributed to eligible workers who have suffered certain occupational injuries. There are a few differences between workers’ compensation and personal injury damages. Unlike personal injury claims, you are not entitled to pain and suffering and fault is irrelevant. Understanding the steps to file a claim can be confusing however, so if you need legal assistance a Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer like one at Hickey & Turim, SC can assist you. 

What is workers’ compensation? 

Workers’ compensation is a federal program that dispenses monetary benefits to eligible employees if they have suffered a workplace-related injury. It is designed to protect both employees and businesses so that they don’t suffer losses as a result of a worker’s injury. Employees and businesses won’t have to deal with the related expenses. Eligible companies that are legally obligated to provide workers compensation benefits must allow workers to file an application. The amount of benefits awarded depends on the type of injury, the severity of the injury, and other factors.

Do I need to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer? 

You do not need to hire a workers compensation lawyer if you have suffered an injury at work, but if you feel like you are not sure how to file a claim it can be helpful. A workers’ compensation lawyer can guide you through the process and advise you so that you don’t make mistakes. They can help you maximize your benefit amount. If your employer is making the application process difficult, a lawyer can help you so that you can receive the benefits that you are entitled to. 

Are there injuries that don’t qualify for workers’ compensation? 

It is important to note that not every injury qualifies for workers’ compensation. Just because you suffered a work injury, does not mean that you automatically qualify. Injuries that do not qualify for a workers’ compensation include injuries that occurred as a result of horseplay, criminal acts, or other behavior that violates company policy. If your injury occurred during your commute, it also does not qualify for workers compensation. To find out if your specific injury is eligible, meet with a workers’ compensation lawyer so that they can assess your case. 

Can I recover compensation if I don’t seek medical attention? 

If you decide not to seek medical attention right after suffering a workplace injury, it can complicate your case. This is a critical mistake that many injured workers make. It is likely that your claim will be denied if you didn’t see a doctor right away. The insurance company might not believe your claim because you did not seek medical attention. While it is possible for you to recover compensation, be aware that your chances are much lower. 

What damages can I recover? 

You can recover several types of damages for workers’ compensation, such as medical expenses, lost wages, loss of life enjoyment, reduced earning capacity and more. Hiring a lawyer ensures that your list of damages is accurate. To learn more about filing a claim properly, see an experienced Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer right away to get started.