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Menomonee Falls Slip And Fall Lawyer

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Slip and Fall Lawyer Menomonee Falls, WI

A person lying on the ground next to a caution sign before calling a Slip and Fall Lawyer Menomonee Falls WIYou or your loved one may need a Menomonee Falls, WI slip and fall lawyer following injuries caused by another party’s negligence. Slips and falls are a case of premises liability, where a business, organization, or a similar entity has the responsibility to maintain a safe environment for any visitors. Problems like wet floors without any clear signage, fallen merchandise, or tools being left out can cause a person to slip and fall.

Slipping and falling can result in serious injuries, especially if a person falls from a high height or if the victim is elderly or suffers from certain medical conditions. At Hickey & Turim, SC, we help victims, and their families receive compensation and representation following a slip and fall.

How Dangerous Can Slips and Falls Be? 

Nearly everyone has slipped and fallen at least once in their life, and the incident may only result in a couple of bruises and pain for the next couple of days. However, for every slip and fall that doesn’t cause many injuries, there are other ones that do. Common injuries following a slip and fall can include:

  • Broken bones
  • Dislocated shoulders
  • Bruises and cuts
  • Fractured bones
  • Pulled muscles, stretched tendons, or torn ligaments
  • Damaged knees

Slips and falls can also be fatal, resulting in spinal injuries or traumatic brain injuries like concussions. Should a slip and fall send you or a loved one to the hospital, then you’re eligible to seek compensation from the responsible party.

Let Our Legal Team Can Help

Calling a Menomonee Falls slip and fall lawyer can help you offset medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Furthermore, pursuing legal action can also help similar incidents from occurring in the future. While nothing can reverse time and make it so your slip and fall never happened, our legal team can help you deal with the incident and potentially prevent future events from occurring.

We Can Help You Navigate the Legal Process

Tasks like gathering the necessary evidence and filing a claim against the insurance companies can be taxing, especially if you don’t have any formal legal experience. Filling out and filing paperwork itself can be complex for someone who isn’t well-versed in the law. Likewise, dealing with insurance companies can also be difficult as they may refuse to take your calls, won’t negotiate, or may try to pressure you into accepting a low settlement. Our legal professionals have dealt with dozens of slip-and-fall cases, meaning we know how to navigate and avoid common pitfalls.

Obtain the Proper Settlement Today

Slips and falls can range in seriousness, but many incidents can lead to victims ending up in the hospital and dealing with thousands of dollars in medical debt. Additionally, a slip and fall can make it difficult to work, further eating away at a person’s finances. At Hickey & Turim, SC, we help victims and their families following slips and falls, and you can work with a Menomonee Falls slip and fall lawyer by reaching out to our law office today.

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