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Independent Medical Examination for Workers’ Compensation: What to Expect

Glendale Workers Compensation Lawyers

If you’ve been injured at work, you may want to hire Glendale workers compensation lawyers to help you with your case. Once you’ve filed a claim, it’s possible that you may be asked to have an independent medical examination to review your condition. If you’re asked to attend an examination, don’t panic — inform your workers compensation lawyers in Glendale who may be able to tell you what to expect. Learn more about What Happens After a Work-Related Injury?

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The Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Your Glendale workers compensation lawyers may inform you that an IME may be requested if there is any question about your condition or the level of compensation you deserve. The exam is usually performed by a doctor that your employer or their insurance company hired. In some cases, your state’s workers compensation agency may request the IME.

If it will work in your favor, or to counter an IME that was requested by another party, your own workers compensation lawyers in Glendale may request another IME. This means there is a chance that you may have to go through more than one IMEs.

Once the exam is complete, the doctor may issue a report that includes answers to one or more of the following questions:

  • Were you accurately diagnosed, and does that diagnosis match your claim?
  • Is it possible that your accident was caused outside of work?
  • What is the impairment rating of your condition?
  • Will additional treatment or testing help? If so, what do you need?
  • Have you reached the maximum medical improvement and aren’t expected to improve no matter what treatments are done?
  • What work restrictions should you have?
  • Are you able to return to work? If so, when?

Your Glendale workers compensation lawyers may be able to use the answers to the exam in your favor or may need to be prepared to counter them.

Preparing for the Exam

Before the exam, you may want to meet with your Glendale workers compensation lawyers to go over what you can expect in the exam. Your lawyer may be able to tell you how these appointments usually go and help you be more relaxed in advance of the exam.

First of all, you need to be truthful about your medical history, including any injuries that may have happened in the past. You do want to point out how this injury that was caused at work is different than any other injuries in the past.

The doctor may ask you how the accident happened and gather more information from you regarding your diagnosis and treatments so far. You’ll likely discuss your current symptoms and condition and then the doctor will examine you.

Additional Information That Glendale Workers Compensation Lawyers Want You To Know

Workers Compensation Coverage

While most American workers are covered by workers compensation programs, a smaller percentage of workers might not be covered. Many states have laws mandating that companies operating in the state must have a workers compensation policy with a valid insurer. However, certain employers might not be required to have a policy. Before hiring a team of Glendale workers compensation lawyers, it’s a good idea to check if your employer has a workers compensation policy. Learn more about What types of benefits does workers’ compensation provide?

Injuries and Illnesses Covered by Workers Comp

Furthermore, some injuries might not be covered in a workers comp claim. The primary defining characteristic of a valid workers compensation claim is that the injury was sustained in a work-related task (or the illness developed due to a work-related task). Injuries sustained in certain situations may be exempt from a compensation claim. States typically set restrictions on what constitutes a “work-related activity,” and you can check with any of your local Glendale workers compensation lawyers if you have questions about your own injury.

Having documentation from a doctor and/or from an independent medical exam is one way to bolster your chances of successfully arguing your case. In the event of a repetitive motion injury or a stress-related injury, it’s wise to have as much documentation as possible regarding your injury. This is because you may have to prove that a work-related task was the primary cause of your injury.

If you have recently been diagnosed with an occupational injury, such as mesothelioma (from asbestos exposure) or black lung disease (from exposure to coal mine dust), it’s important to stay mindful that your workers compensation claim may look a little different from the average claim. For these illnesses, the statute of limitations would apply from the date that you were diagnosed — not the date at which you were first exposed to the harmful substance. A skilled team of Glendale workers compensation lawyers can help you understand how your claim may be filed and processed.

Denied Workers Compensation Claims

A large percentage of workers comp claims are denied each year. It’s not uncommon for some insurers to look for any possible reason to deny a claim; after all, insurance companies are businesses looking to turn a profit. The more money they pay out in claims, the less money they retain as a profit. If you’ve already filed a claim and have been denied, this may be a good time to speak with some of the top workers compensation lawyers in Glendale WI. Some claims are denied due to lack of evidence, while others are denied due to minor clerical errors. It may be possible to appeal your claim and successfully negotiate for a fair settlement. Deadlines in the appeals process are often very short, so it’s wise to turn to Glendale workers compensation lawyers for legal counsel.

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Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits

If you are unable to work because you were injured while on the job, is there a way to get paid while you are recovering? Take a walk to your human resource office and report your injury as soon as possible after the event occurs; then call one of the best workers compensation lawyers in Glendale. Of course, seek immediate medical attention if the injury calls for it. Document everything — details of the actual accident, time of day, conditions of the area where the accident occurred, note any witnesses present. Take lots of pictures, both of the area where the accident occurred and of any injuries you sustained as a result of the accident.

If the accident was obviously work-related, you have witnesses, and you can provide pictures and medical evidence, you probably do not need the assistance of an attorney. As long as the benefit settlement reimburses you for medical expenses, and lost wages and you are satisfied with the resolution, there is no need to pursue further action.

However, if you do not feel the compensation is fair or fails to cover the costs you incurred as a result of the accident, contact the Glendale workers compensation lawyers at Hickey & Turim. They bring several years of experience successfully settling workers’ comp claims, getting you the compensation that is rightfully yours.

There are four types of benefits you can receive through a workers’ comp claim. These include:

  • Weekly wage compensation
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses
  • Benefits should you be permanently impaired as a result of the accident
  • Cost for vocational rehabilitation

What you cannot collect as part of a workers’ comp settlement

The workers’ comp laws only provide for the items listed above. They do not provide compensation for any pain and suffering that may occur as a result of the accident. The benefits are there to cover wages when you are not able to work. If the injury is so bad that you are not able to return to your job, you will continue to receive your weekly wages, but if you wish to recover damages for pain and suffering damages, you may have to contact Glendale workers compensation lawyers and file a personal injury case.

How long do workers’ comp benefits last?

The length of time you can collect workers’ comp benefits vary from state to state. There is not a limit on how long you can receive permanent disability benefits, however, some states will stop the benefits when you reach 65.

How much will you get a week?

Total disability is about two-thirds of your average weekly wage, which may include overtime. There is a cap in most states at about $1000 per week. Partial disability is figured out a bit differently. If you are able to work part of the time, your average weekly wage is deducted by the percentage of time you are capable of working.

Workers compensation lawyers in Glendale can help if you are not getting satisfactory assistance from your HR representative or your claim has been denied. Experienced Glendale workers compensation lawyers at the law firm of Hickey & Turim can meet with you to discuss how they can help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits that are fair and appropriate in light of your injury.