Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Sheboygan, WisconsinWorkers’ Compensation Lawyer Sheboygan, WI

Going to work day in and day out may be struggle enough, so when you get hurt on the job, it can make things worse; this is when you should call a Sheboygan, WI workers’ compensation lawyer from Hickey & Turim Law Firm. What was just an inconvenience or bother is now physically painful.

You may be under the impression that workers’ compensation only applies to injuries that happen in the place you work. This is a partial truth as workplace injuries can occur outside of the office or off the job site. Take a look at three incidents that may be covered under workers’ compensation and consider contacting our Sheboygan, Wisconsin workers’ compensation lawyer.

3 Times an Injury May Qualify for Workers’ Compensation

  1. Slip and Fall Outside the Office

Living in a wintery climate means there are times when snow and ice impede your path to work. In some cases, these are not enough to qualify for workers’ comp should you get hurt, but other times, it may. If you approach your building and slide around on ice that the building manager should have known existed, your injuries may fall under workers’ compensation. Other situations where entering or exiting your office may cause you harm:

  • Uneven steps
  • A broken handrail
  • Oily chemicals that have not been cleaned
  • Broken concrete walkway
  • Overgrown roots and plants covering the path

These examples highlight instances where management knew or should have known possible hazards existed. If they are not rectified and result in harm to an employee, the resulting treatment may fall to the company. Speak with your Sheboygan workers’ compensation lawyer to see other scenarios like this that may qualify.

  1. Car Accidents 

Your daily commute is usually not considered part of your job. An accident occurring during these times may not be covered under workers’ compensation insurance. However, there are times that a motor vehicle crash may count as a work injury. If you get behind the wheel as part of your job, any injuries you sustain may be taken care of by your employer’s policy. When your boss asks you to run an errand on your break time, if there is an accident, it should qualify.

  1. Crimes

Crime in and around the workplace has been rising over the last few years. Incidents of theft, assault and even murder have been plaguing the public at large. Crimes are occurring at places that once feel safe, like church, school, and work. An incident that leaves you injured may fall under workers’ compensation coverage if you were in the office, on the property, and even in the parking garage. Getting caught up in a crime while out on a work-related errand rises to a work-place injury and you should speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer Sheboygan residents trust if this is the case.

If you fall ill or suffer an injury at or around the workplace, you may be able to get help from workers’ compensation insurance. Check with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sheboygan, WI from Hickey & Turim SC Law Firm to see what the laws regarding coverage are in your state.