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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Sheboygan, Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Sheboygan, WI

Going to work day in and day out may be struggle enough, so when you get hurt on the job, it can make things worse; this is when you should call a Sheboygan, WI workers’ compensation lawyer from Hickey & Turim Law Firm. What was just an inconvenience or bother is now physically painful.

You may be under the impression that workers’ compensation only applies to injuries that happen in the place you work. This is a partial truth as workplace injuries can occur outside of the office or off the job site. Take a look at three incidents that may be covered under workers’ compensation and consider contacting our team at Hickey & Turim Law Firm:

3 Times an Injury May Qualify for Workers’ Compensation

These examples highlight instances where management knew or should have known possible hazards existed. If they are not rectified and result in harm to an employee, the resulting treatment may fall to the company. Speak with your Sheboygan workers’ compensation lawyer to see other scenarios like this that may qualify.

  1. Slip and Fall Outside the Office:

Living in a wintery climate means there are times when snow and ice impede your path to work. In some cases, these are not enough to qualify for workers’ comp should you get hurt, but other times, it may. If you approach your building and slide around on ice that the building manager should have known existed, your injuries may fall under workers’ compensation. Other situations where entering or exiting your office may cause you harm:

  • Uneven steps
  • A broken handrail
  • Oily chemicals that have not been cleaned
  • Broken concrete walkway
  • Overgrown roots and plants covering the path
  1. Car Accidents:

Your daily commute is usually not considered part of your job. An accident occurring during these times may not be covered under workers’ compensation insurance. However, there are times that a motor vehicle crash may count as a work injury. If you get behind the wheel as part of your job, any injuries you sustain may be taken care of by your employer’s policy. When your boss asks you to run an errand on your break time, if there is an accident, it should qualify.

  1. Crimes:

Crime in and around the workplace has been rising over the last few years. Incidents of theft, assault and even murder have been plaguing the public at large. Crimes are occurring at places that once feel safe, like church, school, and work. An incident that leaves you injured may fall under workers’ compensation coverage if you were in the office, on the property, and even in the parking garage. Getting caught up in a crime while out on a work-related errand rises to a work-place injury and you should speak with a member of our team if this is the case.

Workers’ Compensation: What Is Covered and What Isn’t

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Sheboygan, Wisconsin understands that accidents, injuries and misfortune are part of life. Everyone will experience some degree of unpleasant physical or emotional situations at some point. Insurance plans can cover many of these incidents and costs that come with them. If you suffer an injury in the workplace, you should be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. This coverage pays the costs of your medical care and treatment so you don’t have to use your medical insurance or pay out of your own pocket. Most workplace injuries are covered, though there are some exceptions.

What Is Covered? 

Though there is room for interpretation, workers’ compensation covers illnesses and injuries that occur during the course and scope of your employment. If you are hurt or fall ill as a result of performing your regular job activities and tasks, you should be able to file a claim. For example, if you are a mechanic and cut your finger while you’re working a car, you should have coverage. If you fall down the stairs in the office and sprain your ankle due to a weak step, debri, or liquid puddle, you can file a claim.

Away From the Office

Even if you are not in the physical workplace, you still may be eligible for these benefits. As long as you are engaged in work responsibilities at the time of the injury, workers’ compensation should be applicable. This means if you are driving to a conference and get into a car accident, or if you are picking up office supplies and get injured in some way, you will have coverage. Employees who work from home can file for workers’ comp claims too, as long as the injury occurred while they are working.

Off the Clock

There are even cases where you could file a claim if you weren’t working but were on work property. For instance, if you are having lunch in the break room, and the chair legs break, causing you to fall out and hit your head, you can file a claim because you are on company property.


If your injury resulted because of horseplay or unsafe actions, you will not be covered. Also, if drug or alcohol use led to the incident, you can’t file a claim. Commuting to and from work does count as work time, either.

It is important to understand the limitations of workers’ compensation insurance. If you have questions about your rights, contact your human resource department. You should consult a lawyer who specializes in this type of coverage, such as a WI workers compensation lawyer at Hickey & Turim Law Firm.

If you fall ill or suffer an injury at or around the workplace, you may be able to get help from workers’ compensation insurance. Check with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sheboygan, WI from Hickey & Turim SC Law Firm to see what the laws regarding coverage are in your state.

Understanding the Two Types of Rehabilitation 

Most of us think of rehabilitation as an inevitable part of the healing process after an injury occurs. If you’re recovering from an injury sustained on the job, you may need to do special exercises or work with a physical therapist to regain normal use of an injured body part. In the realm of workers’ compensation, this is one meaning of the word rehabilitation. However, there is also another meaning as well, and it has to do with getting trained to do other work if a workplace injury leaves you unable to return to your current job. If you’re concerned that your work-related injury is going to leave you unable to return to your previous position, it’s important to speak with an experienced Sheboygan, WI workers’ compensation lawyer about your options. The team at Hickey & Turim, SC can help you to better understand your rights in this situation and the kind of practical and financial assistance you may be entitled to at this time. 

What To Know About Vocational Rehabilitation

In Wisconsin, the workers’ compensation system is meant to allow injured workers time and recovery-related resources so that they can eventually return to the same job. But if you get injured or partially disabled in such a way that you can no longer do work for the same employer (earning at least 85 percent of your pre-injury wages), you can and should receive help finding/training for other work.

It is the responsibility of your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier to fund vocational rehabilitation. If you are not receiving timely access to these resources, you may benefit from speaking with a Sheboygan, WI workers’ compensation lawyer at our firm. Services you may be able to take advantage of include:

Skills assessments and retraining: You might work with a professional to help you assess your other skills and determine different types of work you may be suited for. If/when you choose a type of work that requires certain classes or training, the work comp carrier should be paying for tuition and other educational expenses.

Job hunting and application services: You may be able to get help searching for jobs in your skills areas, as well as guidance on writing a resume, filling out job applications and interviewing for jobs.

Other potential benefits of vocational rehabilitation include:

  • Access to labor market surveys
  • Counseling for vocational rehabilitation
  • Management of your medical case
  • Assistance seeking reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Ergonomics assessments
  • On-the-job training

The workers’ compensation insurer may not volunteer information about vocational rehabilitation, so you may need to advocate for yourself going into the process. You may also need a knowledgeable Sheboygan, WI workers’ compensation lawyer on your side, depending on the complexity of your situation. 

How We Can Help You

Unfortunately, the workers’ comp system in Wisconsin and many other states is bureaucratic and heavily biased in favor of employers and workers’ compensation insurers. Therefore, hiring your own attorney could mean the difference between a successful claim/appeal or a denied claim. An experienced Sheboygan, WI workers’ compensation lawyer will also ensure that your employer does not retaliate against you for getting injured or report that injury. Finally, we will make you aware of all the benefits you have access to and help you claim them. If you’ve been injured on the job and have questions about your rights and/or the workers’ compensation system generally, please contact us for assistance today. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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