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If you've been injured on the job, we can help. Contact us today to receive the compensation you deserve.


Hickey & Turim is a family-owned Milwaukee law firm that specializes in Workers Compensation - the process of helping people receive monetary compensation for work related injuries.

Our firm, Hickey & Turim, has some of the finest attorneys at practice for all your workers’ compensation questions and concerns. Not only will our workers’ compensation attorneys help you with your initial inquiries, our attorneys will also guide you through the entire legal process at all stages.

Hickey & Turim law firm has been in practice since 1989, and all our workers’ compensation attorneys have one main characteristic in common, which truly makes us unique – we care about and want to help injured workers. David Turim and David Hickey founded Hickey & Turim to truly help those in need of guidance. Josh Turim, who found his passion for aiding those injured while under the responsibility of their employers, just like his father David, can also be reached at Hickey & Turim.

If trust is an important quality in your life, look to one of the workers compensation attorneys at Hickey & Turim Milwaukee residents believe in. As you will find on the Hickey & Turim website, the workers compensation firm will not charge you any fees unless the claim prevails.

Further examples of the firm’s success can be seen on Hickey & Turim’s testimonials where satisfied clients shared their stories. We even have clients who have shared their testimonials who were referred to Hickey & Turim by other clients who have experienced success.

We founded our firm for the people because our core principles rely on the residents of our community. It is truly exceptional to have meaning and purpose in life through working on aiding those in need. Our country was built over time by many small communities of hard workers. Without our communities, life would look much different. We are here to give back to our communities of hard workers so that they may get back to building a proud place we all call home. Hickey & Turim is here for you when you are ready to give us a call at 262-797-6677 or send us a message using our contact form.

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