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No Win No Fee Workers Compensation Lawyers

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No Win No Fee LawyersIf you’ve been injured on the job and are considering hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Wisconsin, it’s important to understand the costs and fees. Workers’ compensation cases, like most personal injury cases, are handled on a contingent fee basis. What this means is that Hickey & Turim will carry the financial burden. We believe Wisconsin residents should have access to justice regardless of their financial situation. Our Milwaukee based lawyers take on cases throughout the state. Whether you live in the Greater Milwaukee Area, in a remote part of Wisconsin or anywhere in between, there is still no cost to you unless we win.

Contingency Lawyer Is a Compensation Arrangement

No win, no fee compensation arrangement means you will only be charged a fee if the case is won at the end of the process. Our contingency lawyers review the free evaluation submission. When we agree to take on the case, the understanding is that if we lose, no payment is made. By eliminating the need for substantial up-front payments, contingent fee arrangements allow all injured workers, even those with limited financial resources, the chance to receive quality legal representation.

No Win No Fee Lawyers Commitment

By offering no win no fee lawyer services, we guarantee our wholehearted commitment to our clients’ financial well-being. The contingency arrangement provides a strong incentive for our attorneys to obtain maximum benefits for our clients. This mutually beneficial arrangement motivates our team of lawyers to get the best settlement possible. The contingency compensation arrangement ensures our dedication to every case. Rest assured our clients have no risk ever! Legal fees are ONLY paid to Hickey & Turim when we win, receive a judgment, or obtain the maximum settlement for your injury.

What Share of the Settlement Does the Lawyer Get

If the case is won, the lawyer will be entitled to 20% of the recovery, as well as the costs associated with our representation. Every state including Wisconsin places some sort of cap on the amount an attorney can charge to protect clients. In addition, legal fees generally must be approved by a workers’ compensation judge or appeals board before the attorney collects a fee. The state bar of Wisconsin has a page on determining the reasonable attorney fees. The combination of the contingency arrangement plus the state protection is there to make sure justice is served at a limited and reasonable compensation to lawyers. You will never over-pay.

Case Expenses to Expect

Our law firm will pay the costs of litigating your case up-front. Please note that you will only be required to reimburse the firm for expenses if we win your case. Common expenses incurred over the course of a workers’ compensation case include:

  • Requests for medical records and reports
  • Independent examinations by physicians
  • Costs of depositions

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Download our “What to Expect” pdf to get familiar with the workers comp process and how Hickey & Turim can help you get the help you deserve.

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