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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Milwaukee, WI

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Milwaukee, WI Bicycle Accident Lawyer Milwaukee, WI

Any experienced bicycle accident lawyer Milwaukee, WI, trusts can tell you with authority that our traffic system was not designed to be bicycle friendly. Our roads were built for cars, and if bicyclists were considered at all as these roads were constructed, they were generally an afterthought at best.

Why is this important?

It matters because car-focused road design is one of the many cues that shapes public attitudes about bicyclists and bicycle safety. Most drivers don’t see bicyclists as having equal presence on the roads, and that attitude can lead to a greater number of injurious and fatal bicycle accidents. Below, you’ll find some helpful information about Wisconsin bicycle accidents and things you should know if you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident. With that said, this is only general information. For case-specific guidance relating to your unique circumstances, it’s important to get in touch with an experienced bicycle injury lawyer Milwaukee, WI residents trust. The team at Hickey & Turim, SC takes great pride in helping bicycle accident victims navigate their options and we’d be honored to help you at this time as well. 

Who Is at Fault After a Bicycle Crash?

Drivers are often quick to blame bicyclists for their own injuries. They make excuses like “he came out of nowhere,” or, “she didn’t obey the stop sign.” But the state authority on transportation accidents notes that drivers are actually to blame the majority of the time. According to statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, motorist error (or negligence) is responsible for 60 percent of adult bicycle crashes.

Here are some common scenarios:

  • Making left turns into the path of an oncoming bicycle (identified as most common error)
  • Texting and other forms of distracted driving
  • Drunk driving and drug-impaired driving
  • Failing to check entire field of vision before changing lanes or turning
  • Failing to respect designated bike lanes on the road
  • Simply failing to pay attention

    When it comes to collisions between motorists and bicyclists, there is no doubt about which one will suffer the worse consequences. For this reason alone, motorists have an even greater moral responsibility (in addition to a legal duty of care) to drive defensively and always keep an eye out for bicyclists.

How Common Are Injuries and Deaths?

The Wisconsin DOT data also show that on average, nine bicyclists are killed each year statewide, and another 856 are injured. More than half of all bicycle injury victims annually are children ages five to 14.

What Are Your Rights If You’ve Been Injured?

As a bicyclist, you have a right to use public roads and the right to expect safe travel. If you’ve been struck by a motorist and have suffered serious injuries, chances are good that the motorist was at least partially at fault for the crash. As such, you can pursue compensation through an insurance settlement and/or personal injury lawsuit.

Even if you aren’t sure about who was at fault, it is worth scheduling a free initial consultation concerning your accident. We can help you investigate the accident and gather any useful evidence such as eyewitness accounts, dashcam videos, security camera footage and photos from intersection cameras. We can then aggressively advocate for you in order to get you the compensation you need and deserve from the at-fault driver.

To schedule your free initial consultation, contact our experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyer Milwaukee, WI offers today; we look forward to speaking with you. 

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