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Anyone who is injured while working is entitled to workers’ compensation and can get help from a Green Bay, WI workers’ compensation lawyer from Hickey & Turim, SC. Every worker who is injured on the job can seek the help they need to obtain compensation. Workers’ compensation claims can be difficult to set up, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the subject and are filing a claim for the first time. Not everyone fully understands what benefits are provided by workers’ compensation, or what type of benefits they are eligible for. The answer to this question is actually quite simple. A good place to start would be to determine whether your injuries were a result of your job, and if you believe you have the evidence that will qualify for a workers’ compensation claim. Learn what form workers’ compensation benefits come in by discussing your case with an experienced lawyer.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

While there are several subcategories that the benefits can come in, a Green Bay, Wisconsin workers’ compensation lawyer will tell you that all the benefits are essentially financial compensation. If your injury resulted in you losing money, then you should be compensated for that monetary loss. How your benefits are determined will vary depending on the details of your case. Different states sometimes have slightly varying aspects, but there are four main benefits that workers’ compensation covers:

  • Medical benefits – The most common form of workers’ compensation benefits come in is medical benefits. This is essentially just compensation for your medical bills. This includes costs for treatment, prescriptions, long-term care, or other costs associated with your medical care. If you had to pay for medical care, then workers’ compensation will compensate you for it.
  • Wage benefits – If you miss work because of your injury, then workers’ compensation will compensate you for the paycheck you were unable to earn. You should not ever lose money due to lost wages. Keep track of all the days you missed work as well as the amount of wages you would have earned if you had not been injured. 
  • Disability benefits – If you are injured in a way that you will never fully recover, then workers’ compensation can provide ongoing benefits. Essentially, this benefit represents compensation for your lost or reduced ability to earn an income.
  • Death benefits – If a worker passes away due to his or her injury, workers’ compensation will provide benefits for the worker’s family. These benefits usually compensate for the lost source of income, as well as funeral costs.

The goal of workers’ compensation is to return anyone who is injured as a result of doing his or her job back to the financial situation prior to the injury. Workers are entitled to seek compensation for any occupational injuries that they sustain. No matter what form the financial loss takes, workers’ compensation is meant to reimburse you for it. Speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Green Bay, WI today about workers’ compensation benefits.

What Workers’ Compensation Does not Cover

If you have suffered an injury at work, be aware that workers’ compensation does not cover every type of damage. It’s important for injured workers to not assume that workers’ compensation will cover everything, and that all damages will be accounted for. Workers’ compensation only covers financial losses. Non-monetary damages, such as emotional trauma or physical pain, will not receive any compensation. This is where the important differences between workers’ compensation lawsuits and personal injury lawsuits come in. Personal injury lawsuits do provide compensation for these things, which are called general compensatory damages. However, if your injury qualifies for workers’ compensation, then you will not be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. They are separate categories so if you decide to file for one you will not be able to file for the other. These are limitations you have to keep in mind when you are deciding to pursue compensation for your injury. In fact, if you qualify for workers’ compensation, you will likely not even be able to use your insurance policy to pay for your injuries. If you are unsure what to file for, it’s recommended that you speak to a lawyer and see what course of action is best for you.

What Happens When Workers’ Compensation Won’t Cover All My Losses? 

Workers’ compensation benefits are available for injured workers, as well as those who have developed an illness that is directly related to their work. The program offers a number of benefits, one of which includes the ability to file for it on your own. Although these benefits might see great on the surface, the program is not perfect and doesn’t provide protection for specific cases. There are certain types of losses that are not guaranteed coverage. For example, any injury or illness that is complex, long term, or permanent might not initially be approved. Having a workers’ compensation lawyer in Green Bay, WI is recommended to talk you through what workers’ compensation will cover for your particular case, as well as what won’t be included. Another problem that some people run into is not receiving enough compensation for their injury. If you are in this situation you might wonder what you can do so you can be sure you’ll pursue the most appropriate steps that will be most beneficial for your circumstances. Take the time to figure out how you’ll address other aspects of your recovery in case you receive insufficient compensation. 

Are There Any Other Forms of Compensation?

When you present your case to a Green Bay, WI workers’ compensation lawyer, he or she will likely consider all methods of recovering damages. Depending on the circumstances of your case, there may be ways to recover additional money. Sometimes a lawyer will advise that other types of claims you could file have a higher chance of increasing your overall compensation. Even if you are prohibited from collecting anything beyond workers’ comp, it could be that a third party was responsible for your injuries. If this is true, a personal injury claim might be an option. On the other hand, if you were working at another property at the time of your injury, a premise liability claim might be pursuable. Finally, there are various state programs that may be an option for anyone who has been injured while working, and a third party was not involved. Whether or not you will be able to recover damages from these state-funded pools will depend on your case. Determining which option is best for your case might not be clear, so it may be useful to seek the opinion of a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer. 

What Workers’ Compensation Covers

Workers’ compensation covers all of your medical benefits. This means you should not have any co-pays or bills for related treatment or aftercare. If your doctor believes you no longer require care, but an issue related to the injury arises at a later date, workers’ comp should still cover it. A portion of your wages also will be covered. In general, this is 70% of your average weekly salary. If you lost a loved one, funeral and burial costs, as well as death benefits will be available. Finally, temporarily or permanently disabled workers will receive disability benefits for the duration of their disability or life, in the case of permanent injuries that render the worker unable to work. 

Loss of consortium, pain and suffering, emotional distress, or other non-economic damages are not available in workers’ compensation cases. Only a personal injury case includes that kind of damages. In order to file this type of claim, a third party must have been the cause of the injury. 

Is a Lawyer Necessary?

Every case is inherently unique. If you have a simple case, and your injuries are not very serious, it may be possible for you to complete the process on your own. The more complex your case is however, the more likely you will need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Green Bay, Wisconsin. If you’ve been denied workers’ comp, having a lawyer will almost certainly benefit you, and may help reveal alternatives you haven’t previously considered. There is no risk in calling a lawyer to explore your case and legal options. You should do this regardless of your injuries or circumstances. It’s better to have as much knowledge as you can regarding your case, so a professional opinion can greatly improve your chances of receiving fair and adequate compensation. Deciding to file a claim is a big decision. If you do decide to set up a risk-free consultation with an attorney, then you should make sure you have your relevant documents and photos organized. Be prepared to discuss your claim in detail. 

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If you have any uncertainty about whether or not your injury qualifies for workers’ compensation, you should immediately speak with a workers’ compensation attorney. This can also help you understand which benefits you will be able to receive. Call our office to talk with a workers’ compensation lawyer Green Bay, WI residents trust from Hickey & Turim, SC.