What to Know About Construction Accidents

After getting injured while on a construction site, it may be in your best interest to meet with skilled construction accident lawyers Milwaukee WI provides. The attorneys at Hickey & Turim may review your case and inform you of your legal options. Unfortunately, taking legal action may be the only way to protect your rights and recover your accident damages.

There are many reasons why accident victims often hire a lawyer. Milwaukee WI construction accident lawyers are familiar with the potential dangers of job sites. Our lawyers also understand the rights that a construction worker has, and how well they should be compensated after suffering an injury.

How a Construction Accident Attorney Can Make a Difference

It can be very easy for a construction worker to get injured at a job site. Construction sites are often noisy, and it can be difficult to hear or see heavy equipment moving, or objects that fall from above. Far too many injuries happen to workers who have followed all the safety rules.

Construction accident lawyers in Milwaukee WI may help you fight for your rights. The attorneys of Hickey & Turim understand personal injury law inside and out, and they are aware of employers’ potential responsibilities following an accident. Our legal team may make sure that you receive maximum compensation, and that your claim is handled promptly.

Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

While preparing your personal injury case, construction accident lawyers Milwaukee WI workers trust may examine the cause of your accident. By understanding the cause and the events that led up to the accident, your attorney can make a strong case for why you deserve full and immediate compensation for your damages. After investigating your injury, construction accident lawyers Milwaukee WI employees turn to might determine that you deserve more than just workers compensation.

Fatigue. Construction workers often work long hours, and sometimes work in areas that have poor ventilation or are excessively hot. These conditions can lead to fatigue, even if working hours are not excessively long. When you are tired, accidents are more likely to happen. If you were working in unsafe conditions, were not allowed the breaks you are legally entitled to, or were forced to work longer than legally allowable, you may wish to contact construction accident lawyers Milwaukee WI workers hire.

Faulty or dangerous equipment malfunctions. Construction equipment can be dangerous to operate or be near when it isn’t working properly. An experienced attorney might recognize when a third-party lawsuit is appropriate.

  • If the faulty equipment has a fatal design flaw that directly caused your accident, the manufacturer might be liable for your injury.
  • If the company responsible for operating, repairing, or maintaining the equipment failed in their duty to make a reasonable effort to create safe working conditions, they might be liable.

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What Can a Milwaukee Construction Accident Lawyer Do?