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Stories Behind The Cases

Posted March 25, 2024

How A Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help You

In the realm of unforeseen incidents, encounters with man’s best friend can take unexpected turns, sometimes resulting in distressing situations. For those who have experienced the unfortunate event of a dog bite, the aftermath can be emotionally and legally complex. Enter the discreet but crucial role of dog bite injury lawyers, legal professionals who specialize […]

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Posted February 28, 2024

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

In the complex landscape of roadway safety, commercial trucks play a significant role in the transportation of goods across the nation. However, the sheer size and weight of these vehicles can lead to catastrophic outcomes when accidents occur. Understanding the conditions that contribute to these incidents is crucial for all road users. It is always […]

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Posted February 26, 2024

Understanding Injuries Sustained From Dog Attacks

When an individual is bitten by a dog, the repercussions can range from minor inconveniences to life-altering injuries. These incidents are not only traumatic but can also lead to significant physical, emotional, and financial strain on the victim. Recognizing the types of injuries that can occur and the legal avenues available for recourse is crucial […]

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Posted February 26, 2024

Key Elements Of Building A Strong Medical Malpractice Case

When a patient seeks out medical care from a medical professional they are entrusting them to provide them with care that is both diligent and competent. However, instances of medical malpractice can shatter this trust, leading to devastating consequences for patients and their families. When faced with such situations, it’s crucial to understand the key […]

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Posted January 31, 2024

Liability in Hockey Game Injuries

Ensuring Safety Amidst the Excitement Hockey games, with their electrifying atmosphere and intense moments, offer a unique blend of excitement and camaraderie. A spectator at a game is close to the action, watching players zip up and down the ice at breakneck speed. In professional games, pucks can go over 100 miles per hour, and […]

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Posted January 29, 2024

Lyft Driver Background Checks And Negligent Hiring Claims

As ridesharing services like Lyft become integral to modern transportation, the safety of passengers relies heavily on the thoroughness of driver background checks. In the unfortunate event of an accident or incident involving a Lyft driver, understanding the potential for negligent hiring claims due to insufficient background checks becomes crucial. Our friends at The Eskesen […]

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Posted December 27, 2023

Dealing With Emotional Trauma Following A Personal Injury

Suffering a personal injury often goes beyond the physical pain and extends into the realm of emotional and psychological trauma. At Hickey & Turim, S.C., we understand that the journey to recovery encompasses more than just physical healing. Our compassionate Milwaukee, WI personal injury lawyer recognizes the importance of addressing and managing the emotional trauma […]

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