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Contingent Fee Agreement

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We do not get paid unless we win.

In Workers Comp and Personal Injury, we use what is called a Contingent Fee Agreement. This means that our fee is “contingent” upon us winning your case (i.e. we don’t get paid unless we win). The fee we receive is a small percentage of the money awarded or settled upon. The best part is that you will never pay a penny out of pocket…we will never send you a bill or charge you for our services!

We have found that this is the best way to charge fees for both our clients and our attorneys.  We know that attorneys are not something that everyone can typically afford and that often means that people will go without qualified representation because they can’t afford it.  This is entirely unfair and does not fit with the idea that justice is supposed to be blind to things such as a person’s economic position in life.  By structuring our fees based only on the results of the case we can ensure everyone can afford to have a highly rated attorney fighting for them.

In addition, the clients get the benefit of knowing that our attorney will be fighting as hard as possible to not only win the case, but also get the biggest settlement possible.  This is because our attorney fees are based only on the total amount won in the case.  The more money we win for you the more we will get from our small percentage as well.  This makes the entire process a win-win situation for you, the client, and our legal team.  We’re sure you’ll find this to be the best way to handle legal fees.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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