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November 29, 2016

How Can Your Law Firm Benefit from PR Services?

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The typical lawyer naturally focuses the majority of his or her attention on representing clients. As such, lawyers and law firms routinely do not spend enough time addressing the business of practicing law. It can be difficult for a law firm to spend enough time and energy dealing with matters like marketing, advertising, and public relations.

The legal profession has become highly competitive in the past three decades. As a result, it is incumbent upon firms to take marketing, advertising, and public relations very seriously. There are a number of important ways that a law firm can benefit from professional PR services.

Public Relations Expertise Not Commonly in Attorney’s Skillset 

Lawyers have unique skillsets, and communicating is certainly among them. However, the type of communication that a lawyer relies on in the courtroom is quite different from that associated with marketing and PR. A lawyer’s communication style tends to be laser-focused, littered with legalese, and not really for public consumption.

An experienced PR marketing firm knows the language and methods of communication associated with marketing and publicizing a firm. Today, there are more platforms than ever for law firm to attract customers. Relying on a PR firm for lawyers  firms rely on to leverage these platforms may help to drive business.

Planning an Objective PR Campaign

The principals of any business, including a law firm, are naturally subjective about their enterprises, and may not be in the best position to undertake a frank evaluation of the marketing and public relations need of a law firm. Developing a marketing and public relation strategy that connects holistically with a prospective client is typically best undertaken by a skilled public relations professional.

Engaging professional PR services provides an outside perspective on a firm’s needs, goals, and objectives. A professional PR service can more objectively evaluate a law firm’s position in the marketplace, and the strategies that can be employed to improve and enhance its position.

The Legal Professional Time Crunch

A successful law firm is a busy law firm, and the same holds true for individual lawyers. An attorney spending time trying to develop a marketing and public relations plan has less time to assist client and bring income to his or her firm. The engagement of a professional PR firm allows members of a firm to focus on the needs of clients full time.

Cost-Effective Public Relations

PR services charge a fee for their efforts on the part of a law firm. However, retaining a public relations firm to build business is a cost-effective investment. Using various media and knowledge of successful marketing tactics, a PR firm may help to bring new clients to your firm, spread knowledge of your firm’s reputation, and share the firm’s accolades and accomplishments.

Schedule a Meeting with a PR Firm

If your law firm is interested in growing and expanding your client base, contact a PR firm to schedule an initial consultation with the principals of your law firm. During the initial session, goals and objectives may be discussed, together with strategies for optimizing a law firm’s presence in the marketplace.

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