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Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim Lawyer Glendale, WI

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Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim Lawyer Glendale, WI

denied workers’ compensation claim lawyer Glendale, WI

If you have submitted a claim for workers’ compensation benefits and that claim was not approved, please connect – as soon as you possibly can – with a denied workers’ compensation claim lawyer Glendale, WI workers trust. You have appeals-related options available to you but you need to act fast to take advantage of them. Additionally, it’s important not to pursue appeals options on your own, as working with Glendale workers’ compensation lawyers will better ensure that you’re able to succeed on appeal where your initial claim unintentionally fell short.

Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Has Been Denied – Now What?

In Wisconsin, workers whose initial compensation claims have been denied are directed to request a hearing with the Workers’ Comp Division of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. Our team can make that request on your behalf so that you have one less thing to worry about right now. Our firm understands that you’re simultaneously trying to heal from your injuries and navigate the financial challenges associated with work-related injuries – we’ll do our utmost to handle the legal “heavy lifting” on your behalf so that you and your family can focus on your recovery at this time.

Once a hearing has been requested, your case will be assigned to an administrative law judge. With a time for the hearing set, our team will get to work gathering evidence and building the strongest possible appeal on your behalf. Gathering all relevant evidence is important during the initial appeals process because – if your initial appeal is rejected – we won’t necessarily be permitted to introduce critical evidence at the later stages of the appeals process. Among the pieces of evidence we’ll seek to gather will be written opinions by treating physicians confirming the extent of your injuries and speaking to whether the conditions in question are work-related.

If the administrative law judge assigned to your initial appeal denies this effort, we’ll need to appeal next to the state Labor and Industry Review Commission within a 21-day-period. This agency is independent, is therefore not biased in favor of employers, employees, or insurance providers, and is empowered with the authority to alter decisions in workers’ compensation cases. Should an additional appeal be prudent in your situation, we’ll appeal to the Wisconsin Circuit Court on your behalf.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have received written notice that your workers’ compensation claim was denied by either your employer or your workers’ compensation insurance provider, please connect with the experienced legal team at Hickey & Turim SC as soon as you possibly can. Wisconsin law only provides you with so much time before you’ll be barred from appealing this initial denial. As a result, acting quickly to protect your right to appeal is the single best thing you can do for your case at this time. Please don’t wait. Connect with our firm’s Glendale, WI denied workers’ compensation claim lawyer team today; we look forward to assisting you.

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