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Workers’ Comp Lawyer Glendale, WI

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Workers’ Comp Lawyer Glendale, WI

Workers’ Comp Lawyer Glendale, WI

When you have filed a workers’ compensation claim and it was denied, you should speak with the workers’ comp lawyer Glendale, WI trusts from Hickey & Turim, SC. We understand that it can be especially difficult to get workers’ compensation benefits after insurance (or your employer) has already denied your claim. In fact, you may think that you have no more options and that paying your own medical bills will come out of your own pocket. However, our attorneys believe that if you were legitimately injured at work, you should seek justice through workers’ compensation benefits. If you would like to learn more about appealing a denied workers’ compensation claim, contact our office. 

Understanding Why Your Claim Was Denied

One of the first things you will want to know when you get a denial letter from your employer’s insurance is why they denied your workers’ compensation claim. This should be clearly stated in the letter you received. Many employees believe that the workers’ compensation process is as simple as reporting your injury to your employer and waiting for the benefits to kick in. However, it will require getting a doctor to verify your injuries and you will need to provide substantial evidence to show that the injury you have happened at work. Our Glendale workers’ compensation lawyers can help you with this. Some reasons that insurance may have denied your claim are: 

  • The information contained in the claim was not accurate
  • You did not file within the necessary deadline
  • The insurance company wishes to challenge your injury
  • Your employer is arguing that the injury did not happen while you were at work

There are many reasons they may have denied your claim and we can refute their allegations as we get more information. 

What does the workers’ compensation appeals process look like? 

If you want to appeal your claim, your attorney will need to determine why it was denied in the first place and gather the necessary evidence to prove why that decision was wrong. Thankfully, when you have a workers’ compensation attorney on your side, you know they will understand the complexities involved with filing an appeal, gathering necessary evidence, and submitting all the important documents on time. 

Want to learn more about how an attorney can help you with appealing a workers’ compensation claim? Contact the trusted Glendale, Wisconsin workers’ comp lawyer workers trust now. 

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