Seasoned workers comp lawyers Milwaukee, WI residents trust understand that suffering an injury that leaves you unable to work can be frightening. Not only are you dealing with the injury itself, but you may also be stressing over how the medical expenses for the injury will be paid and how you will survive financially if you are unable to work.

The Milwaukee workers comp lawyers at Hickey & Turim, SC know that under Wisconsin law almost 100 percent of people who work in the state are covered by the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Law. If the organization you work for has three or more full-time employees or a payroll of at least $500 in any quarter of the calendar year, then they are required to carry workers compensation liability insurance.

What if I Have Been Injured on the Job

Workers comp lawyers Milwaukee, WI employees depend on know that the steps you take immediately following a work-related injury or illness diagnosis are critical in how smoothly your claim will proceed.

If you are hurt, you should immediately report it to your supervisor. Most companies have a protocol or process in the employee handbook which should explain who you need to contact. Delaying contacting the appropriate person may cause your claim to be delayed. Your employer or their insurance carrier could even try to deny your claim by accusing you of lying about being injured at work when you were really injured somewhere else.

You also want to seek medical attention right away. Not only can a delay in getting treated affect your medical condition, it can also cause delays in processing your workers compensation claim.

Your employer will report that injury to their insurance carrier. At this point, you should consider contacting one of the professional workers comp lawyers Milwaukee, WI offers to help protect your rights during this process. Regardless of how cooperative your employer and their insurance carrier may seem right now, that can all can suddenly change. Having a lawyer advocating for you will help avoid any delays that unforeseen issues may cause in processing your injury claim.

Once your claim is accepted, all your injury-related medical expenses should be covered by your employer. In addition to any bills for treatments and appointments, they will also be responsible for covering all related medication, medical equipment, and even transportation costs to get to your medical appointments.

Your employer is also required to pay a portion of your salary while you are recuperating from your injuries. Your first check should arrive within 14 days from the last day you worked, however, there are cases where it can take longer. You are entitled to received two-thirds of your average weekly wage, up to $647 per week.

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