Important Teen Driving Safety Tips

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Too often our local newspapers tell the stories of teenagers being seriously injured or killed in automobile related accidents. This can be scary for many parents. As soon as your teenagers start to discuss the prospect of driving, you should begin considering the advice you’ll provide to keep them safe. … Continue reading

Workers Compensation on the Gridiron

Workers Compensation on the Gridiron

It’s Football Season! As Americans tune in for football season, and we cheer on our favorite teams and players, we know inevitably we will see some accidents and injuries take place this fall. Unfortunately, it’s just part of the game. A recent National Law Review article, “Worker’s Compensation on the … Continue reading

The History of Workers’ Compensation

The History of Workers' Compensation

When and where did Worker’s Compensation laws first pass in the United States? The first state-based Workers’ Compensation laws were passed in 1911. Wisconsin was the nation’s first state to pass a Worker’s Comp statute. It was the Industrial Revolution that made it necessary to change the way injuries were … Continue reading