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July 11, 2016

Important Teen Driving Safety Tips

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Too often our local newspapers tell the stories of teenagers being seriously injured or killed in automobile related accidents. This can be scary for many parents. As soon as your teenagers start to discuss the prospect of driving, you should begin considering the advice you’ll provide to keep them safe.

Not all accidents are avoidable, as most car accident lawyers may attest, but below are a few tips to keep your teenager safe on the road:

Take Control

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reminds parents of the tremendous role that they play in keeping their teenagers safe. Remember that you are not there to act as a friend. Explain to them the dangers of driving recklessly repeatedly. Don’t wait until they have their full license; start the first time they get behind the wheel.

Emphasize the Dangers of Alcohol and Drugs

For many, adolescents sparks the experimentation with illegal substances. While you don’t want to encourage drug and alcohol use, you do want your teenagers to remain safe. Explaining that you are willing to offer a ride in the event that they are intoxicated may save your family from a tragic accident.

Share News Stories

Your kids might think that these types of accidents never happen near them. The next time that you see an article in the newspaper, share the information with them. If your teens are old enough to drive, then they are old enough to hear and see the the consequences of careless or reckless behavior behind the wheel.

Set Driving Rules

Setting boundaries for your teen driver can help eliminate needless hazards while they continue to learn how to drive. Curfews, distance limitations, and check-in requirements can help keep your loved ones safe.

Limit the Number of Passengers

Many teenagers get distracted when they are driving because they have so many friends in the car with them. When you are developing rules for safety, let them know how many people they are allowed to have in the car at one time. Limiting friendly distractions will help keep your child’s eyes on the road ahead.

Teach the Responsibilities of Driving

While they may be excited about the sense of freedom associated with having a license, it’s also important that driving comes with a wealth of responsibility. Encouraging them to help tackle a portion or total of expenses like purchase, insurance, maintenance, and repairs can help instill a sense of carefulness and responsibility.

Obtain Tracking Devices

Some insurance companies provide tracking devices for cars to monitor safe driving habits for discounts on payments. You may also want to purchase devices that let you know if your teenagers are driving beyond certain limits. Putting these parameters in place can help regulate impulsive, reckless driving behaviors.

Your teenagers might scoff or roll their eyes when you tell them that the time has come to discuss safe driving habits; however, keep in mind that these conversations can save their lives.

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