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July 13, 2016

Safety Tips for Workers in Highway Work Zones

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Highway work zones can be very dangerous for individuals working in the construction injury. Injuries can range from workers being struck by cars, to falling, to sustaining significant electrical shocks. Additionally, the chance of injury tends to increase for individuals working in severe weather conditions. While most highway work is conducted in the summer or warmer months, heavy rains and winds can present substantial hazards to individuals working on highways. While it is expected that drivers will slow down while driving through highway work zones, substantial injuries including, but not limited to death, can occur when drivers are either reckless or irresponsible. If you or someone you know sustains an injury while working in a highway zone, it is extremely important that you report the injury to the employer and seek immediate medical attention. If you have any questions about how to report the injury or where to seek medical treatment, it is highly recommended that you contact a Milwaukee WI workers’ compensation lawyer.

Often times, individuals working in the construction industry do not recognize or appreciate the severity of their injury until they either return home or take a break from working. This is due to both adrenaline (at the time of injury) and the individual’s general desire to continue working or complete the task at hand. It is also normal for workers to be concerned about losing their jobs in the event that they report an injury or miss time from work. While these are valid concerns, workers’ compensation lawyers will tell you that even the most minor of injuries should be reported to the employer. If the injury is not reported immediately and it ends up being something of significance, there is a legitimate possibility that the workers’ compensation insurance company will deny the claim. If your claim is denied by the insurance company, it is extremely important that you contact a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Please note that most workers’ compensation lawyers work on a contingent fee basis. This means that they do not receive payment or a fee unless they win. If you have questions or concerns about an injury sustained in a highway work zone, it is important that you contact a local workers’ compensation lawyer.

While highway work zones can be dangerous, taking the right precautions can eliminate both minor and severe injuries. These precautions include proper lifting techniques, documenting electrical wires and hazards (prior to initiating the task assigned), and wearing proper apparel that is easily recognizable by drivers.  In the event that these precautions are not taken and an injury is sustained, please make sure to follow the steps discussed above and contact your local workers’ compensation lawyer. These steps may help to protect your health, safety, and overall well-being.

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