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July 22, 2016

Vote Nancy Stencil for Assembly

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Posted in Wisconsin Workers Compensation Related News

Wisconsin Representative John Spiros attempted to destroy our gold standard Worker’s Compensation system in 2015. Not only did Representative Spiros purposefully circumvent the Workers Compensation Advisory Council System, but he also attempted to throw 100+ years of cooperation by labor and management out the window.

Among other things, the bill that Representative Spiros introduced attempted to: 1) reduce the statute of limitations from 12 years to 2, 2) allow employers to dictate where an injured worker could seek treatment, and 3) reduce an injured worker’s benefits if the injury was allegedly caused by any fault/negligence of the employee.

Not only would this bill have caused worker’s compensation litigation to skyrocket, but most importantly, it would have hurt Wisconsin’s finest working families.

Based on the above, it is extremely important that Representative Spiros is replaced by Ms. Nancy Stencil. As Ms. Stencil points out, in the article below, every employee in our great state “should be offended and outraged by Rep. Spiros’ action in this matter.” The time is now to make a change and elect Nancy Stencil for Assembly.

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