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June 14, 2018

Tips for Winning Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

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Injuries on the job occur way too frequently these days. Getting hurt at work doesn’t just affect you physically. It can also impact your finances and cause emotional distress. Although employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for the workers, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to obtain. If you were recently injured at work, here are several ways to increase your odds of winning your workers’ compensation claim.

Notify Your Employer As Soon As Possible

Even if your injury seems fairly minor at the time, you’ll want to tell your employer about it as soon as possible. Most states require employees to report work related injuries within 30 days to qualify for benefits. If you wait any longer than that, you risk losing out on workers’ compensation.

Get Witness Statements

If other employees were present when you were hurt, ask them for written statements. Your employer may try to argue that you suffered injuries because of your own negligence, so these statements from witnesses can work in your favor. If a judge sees several written statements of employees siding with you, he or she may be more likely to approve your workers’ compensation claim.

See a Doctor

Medical treatment isn’t something you should put off if you were injured at work. If you wait too long to see a doctor, you aren’t just putting your health at risk. You’re also giving your employer’s insurance company a reason to deny your claim. They may assume that you must not be too badly hurt if you waited to get medical care.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

After your doctor evaluates your injury, he or she will recommend the appropriate treatment. Whether your doctor suggests bed rest or physical therapy, you should follow the advice. If you fail to listen to your doctor’s advice, you can delay your recovery and cause the insurance company to deny our claim.

Make Consistent Statements

It is important to be consistent with your statements regarding the accident. If you tell your employer the accident happened one way and tell the insurance company something completely different, your claim could get rejected.

Hire a Lawyer

Some workers’ compensation claims are trickier to win than others. If your employer outright rejected your claim or has retaliated against you in some way for filing a claim, it may be in your best interest to speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer. He or she can review your case and advise you the best way to proceed. Your lawyer can help you file an appeal if necessary and protect your rights every step of the process. With a knowledgeable lawyer on your side, you may feel a lot better about your situation.

If you got hurt at work, schedule an appointment with a reputable workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss your case in detail. Many workers’ compensation lawyers offer free initial consultations, so you don’t risk anything by speaking to one.

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