Workers Compensation Lawyer Franklin WI

Workers Compensation Lawyer Franklin WIMaking a workers’ compensation claim is something that no one ever wants to have to do, and we’re sorry if it’s something that you’re facing now. However, just like lots of other things in life, if you have to do it at all, you have to do it right. Talk with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Franklin, WI, like the ones at Hickey & Turim SC, Attorneys at Law, before you do anything else.

And here, “anything else” includes speaking with the adjuster who represents your employer and/or their insurance company. If you cannot avoid talking with the adjuster before talking with your attorney, keep the following in mind to avoid accidentally sabotaging your own case.

Don’t agree to give a recorded statement. You don’t have to agree to be recorded, and you shouldn’t be. It’s easy to misspeak, especially under stress, and any of these innocent mistakes can be used against you.

Don’t engage in small talk or chit-chat. You may think that the insurance adjuster is being friendly and concerned about your well-being — and you may be right because they’re human too — but they may also be trying to find a way to get you to say things that could be used against you.

Don’t talk about anything except the hard, cold facts. These include when the incident occurred, where the incident occurred, and the parts of your body that were injured. If you do talk about your injuries, don’t leave anything out, even if you think that it’s obvious.

For instance, if your arm and hand were injured, you might think that it would be common sense that your wrist would be affected too. But if you don’t say it for the record, then it doesn’t go on the record, and that could be problematic down the road.

Remember that no matter how friendly and helpful they seem, the workers’ compensation adjuster represents your employer’s interests. You should at least talk with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Franklin, WI to make sure that your own interests are represented at a hearing in Wisconsin.

At this point, you may be thinking that the injury and circumstances were very straightforward and working with a lawyer won’t change anything. It’s true that no (ethical) lawyer can change the facts surrounding the incident itself, but that’s only a small part of how your total compensation is determined.

A good workers’ compensation attorney who is working for you, not your employer, will explore issues that may have led up to the incident, such as whether you were properly trained or if you were provided with adequate support (staffing, equipment, PPE, etc.) for the job that you were doing when you were hurt.

They will also look into how much your injury is going to cost you, not just in terms of doctor bills and lost wages but also any loss of future earnings, rehabilitation and therapy, permanent impairment, and possibly even pain and suffering.

No one ever wants to need a workers’ compensation attorney in Franklin, WI or anywhere else, but if you’ve been hurt on the job, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you are properly compensated for that hurt. Reach out to the experienced, compassionate professionals at Hickey & Turim SC, Attorneys at Law to make sure that this happens the way it needs to.