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Who Pays for Workers’ Compensation?

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Glendale Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Who Pays for Workers’ CompensationHave you been injured while at your job and as a result have had to visit the doctor or hospital and are worried about the medical costs? There are several things you need to make sure you do when you are hurt at your place of employment and the circumstances behind the injury are not your fault, as Glendale workers’ compensation lawyers can explain.

  • If you are hurt you should immediately seek out your supervisor and report the injury
  • Seek medical attention
  • Ask your employer or HR representative for a workers’ compensation claim form

If you are concerned about the medical bills associated with your injury, there are a few things you need to be aware concerning getting hurt on the job.

It is your right to get medical attention for your injury as workers’ compensation lawyers in Glendale, WI can explain. Each state’s laws may be different, but sometimes the company will require you to use their doctor for the first visit or two, but may be able to go to your own physician after the required time has been met.

There are basically four benefits associated with workers’ compensation that you may be entitled to receive because of your injury:

Disability payments — If you cannot work for a period of time while you are recovering from your injury, you could receive a percentage of your wages as a part of a short term disability benefit.

Medical Care — Paid through your company’s insurance policy covering all expenses related to the care and treatment necessary to fully restore or minimize the effects of the injuries you suffered as a result of your workplace accident.

Vocational Rehab – If you are unable to return to your previous job as a result of your injuries, your company may offer paid training or another position within the company.

Settlement because of Permanent Disability – If your injury leaves you permanently impaired and unable to resume working, you may be eligible for compensation based on the degree of your disability.

Who Pays for the Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

As workers’ compensation lawyers in Glendale can explain, your employer is legally require to carry workers’ compensation insurance which covers employees when if they are injured on the job. An adjuster from the private insurance company will handle the claim and it is the insurance company that pays the benefits to the injured employee. In addition, there are requirements the company must comply with in regards to workers’ compensation laws. These include:

  • Posting a notice of compliance with the laws concerning workers’ compensation in plain site at every job location
  • Providing medical treatment immediately when an employee receives an on the job injury
  • Provide additional medical assistance in the event the injured employee does not select a doctor
  • Fill out all the legal paperwork an deliver to the workers’ compensation board office. If an employer does not do this, legally they may be found guilty of a misdemeanor.
  • Comply with all other requests from insurance company and workers’ compensation board regarding the injury, time off required, treatment, etc.

If you have questions concerning workers’ compensation, or an injury you received while on the job, contact Glendale workers’ compensation lawyers from Hickey & Turim, S.C. to obtain an evaluation of your specific situation.

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