Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Racine, WI  Workers’ compensation lawyer Racine, WI

When someone is injured on the job, he or she is typically covered by workers’ compensation and may be seeking the help of a Racine, WI workers’ compensation lawyer from Hickey & Turim SC Law Firm. Though there are some exceptions to the rule, most employees in the nation have this protection. If you’ve been injured and are in the process of filing a claim, the following are five benefits that are generally covered.

5 Benefits Covered By Workers’ Comp

  1. Medical Expenses

Injuries can bring with them emergency room visits, follow up care, physical therapy, medical visit transportation, and more. If you’re looking at the dollar signs, rest easy knowing workers’ comp generally covers most, if not all, of these expenses. It’s possible you will be required to see certain physicians in order to receive compensation, so be sure to look into that with the workers’ comp provider before you seek care. Your Racine, Wisconsin workers’ compensation lawyer can help with this.

  1. Time Off Work

When you’re injured to the point you can’t go back to work, workers’ compensation steps in to bridge the gap in your income. In most cases, it’s a benefit of 66.67% of an employee’s average earnings each week. The amount of time you receive this benefit will vary based on your coverage and your injury, but it will not exceed two years.

  1. Death Benefits

If the injury sustained at the workplace ends up resulting in death, the deceased’s dependants will receive compensation. In many states, they receive a lump sum payment in addition to burial expenses. You should speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer Racine, WI trusts to understand the death benefits from workers’ compensation in your state.

  1. Vocational Rehab

Sometimes an injury will result in an employee being required to seek a new course of work. For example, if you have a job in which you are on your feet all day, and your injury resulted in having your left leg amputated, you may not be able to perform your regular job anymore. Workers’ comp would step in to pay for education for a new course of work, or for job retraining so you can learn to do your job without one leg.

  1. Permanent Physical Impairment

Permanent disabilities are unique because they last longer than a typical injury. These permanent physical impairments could limit an individual’s ability to do a current job, or even to gain new employment in the future. With this limitation, the individual might need some financial compensation.

Contacting Your Racine, WI Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

As someone who was injured while performing your regular work duties, you deserve to be compensated. Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Racine, WI today to learn more about your rights and what you should do to receive the compensation you’re entitled to.