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Work Comp Lawyer Racine, WI

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Work Comp Lawyer Racine, WI Work Comp Lawyer Racine, WI

When you have been injured at work, you may be considering filing a workers’ compensation claim with help from a work comp lawyer in Racine, WI from Hickey & Turim Law Firm. Just like any legal process, filing a workers’ compensation claim can come with a lot of legal jargon. Especially if you’ve never needed to file a claim before, this can get confusing quickly and can even discourage some people from ever filing at all.

A work comp lawyer in Racine, Wisconsin knows that it’s important that you get the compensation you deserve after an accident so that you don’t have to worry about paying for costly medical bills or other expenses that come with recovering after a workplace injury.

Below, a Wisconsin work comp lawyer has listed some of the most common abbreviations for workers’ compensation forms that you may run into:

Get to Know the Lingo

If you want to know about some of the abbreviations that you may find in your workers’ compensation claim, read on! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our office to speak with a WI work comp lawyer from Hickey & Turim Law Firm. 

  • AWW: This stands for your “average weekly wage.” When you are hoping to get compensation for disability or lost wages, your weekly wage will need to be determined. This typically happens by dividing your annual salary by 52 (weeks) and coming up with the right number.
  • C&R: This stands for “compromise and release.” With this type of settlement, you, your employer, and the insurance company are all agreeing to pay you one lump sum of money in exchange for your permanently closing your workers’ compensation claim. As a workers’ compensation lawyer in Racine, WI may tell you, this is one of the most common types of settlements.
  • FROI: This stands for the “first report of injury.” This is a very important part of your workers’ compensation claim. In almost every state, your employer will need to file an FROI once they have learned of your injury. They file this with the workers’ compensation agency in your state. This may be seen as the start of your workers’ compensation claim and can provide valuable evidence for the timeline of your claim.
  • IME: This stands for “independent medical examination.” This means that when you file your workers’ compensation claim and get the medical care you need, you may need to use an independent doctor picked specifically by your employer’s insurance agency. The IME is hypothetically a third-party, unbiased doctor who evaluates your injuries and puts them on record.
  • RSI: This stands for “repetitive stress injury.” An RSI can happen if you perform the same type of tasks daily at your employment. For example, if you work with a crank a lot, you may find that you have arthritis or other wrist problems. This can become exacerbated the more you perform the same task.

If you have suffered from a workplace injury and need the help of a Racine, WI work comp lawyer from Hickey & Turim SC call our office today to see how we can help you. 

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