Personal Injury Lawyer Milwaukee, WI

Personal Injury Lawyer Milwaukee, WIReceiving injuries from a slip and fall accident can be overwhelming, to say the least. This is especially true if you require a substantial amount of medical treatment as a result. When initiating a slip and fall claim, it may seem challenging to ascertain what you will need to have in place prior to filing. Working with a personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI can help to determine what you will need to file a slip and fall lawsuit while adhering to deadlines imposed by the courts within Wisconsin.

Premise Liability
Premise liability dictates that a property owner is providing a safe environment for anyone visiting the property. This is the expectation that a property owner has maintained their property and made reasonable attempts to keep it safe from hazards in efforts to prevent any injuries from occurring. An example of premise liability includes keeping sidewalks clear of any ice that could be hazardous to someone walking on the property or keeping areas cleared of liquids that may cause a person to slip and fall.

Important Evidence
Collecting the appropriate evidence for a slip and fall claim can make all the difference in being awarded compensation for the injury you received. A personal injury lawyer Milwaukee, WI victims turn to may be able to help you gather the following:

-Your report of the accident.
-Gather the names of anyone who may have witnessed the accident
-Take pictures showing the area where you fell. Pictures can offer proof and helps to show the courts how the injury occurred.
-Any accident report that was completed at the property where the injury occurred.
-It may be important to have any policies in place surrounding the maintenance of the building to help prove that the owner or manager was negligent in their care of the building.
-Any problems with the design of the area, for example, if a staircase needed a handrail, obstructions etc.
-Documentation of injuries including all reports from medical professionals.
-Expenses that were incurred such as medical bills, pay stubs for lost wages, etc.

Commencing a Claim
As a personal injury lawyer Milwaukee, WI residents recommend can attest, one of the most important ways to begin the process of a slip and fall claim is to inform the property owner of the injury you received. If the owner of the property is not available, it will be important to speak with the person who is in charge. Not reporting or a delayed report of this accident to the property owner could potentially hurt your claim.

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall accident, collecting all of the appropriate documentation will be important for your initial consultation with an attorney. Preparing documentation for your Milwaukee WI personal injury lawyer can help them to assess all information and determine whether or not you could have a successful slip and fall lawsuit.