If you are in need of a personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI has several to choose from. One of the best choices you might make is to choose Hickey & Turim. After opening our doors in 1989, we have solved thousands of cases and helped our clients receive the compensation and settlement they deserve. We are a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer whom citizens can trust to call on with their legal problems.

Here at Hickey & Turim, we have 4 experienced attorneys to choose from. They are each ready to tackle any case that comes their way, and each believe you should be able to have justice served despite your financial system. Our firm is a personal injury lawyer Milwaukee, WI citizens can rely on to only be charged financially if we win your case.

  • David Turim- Attorney at Law
  • David Hickey- Attorney at Law
  • Josh Turim- Attorney at Law
  • Patrick Kern- Attorney at Law

Personal Injury Cases

Though we are a firm with years of experience in work-related injuries, we also deal with many personal injury cases each year. Without hiring an experienced attorney, there can be an extraordinary amount of paperwork when filing for a personal injury lawsuit. Many people do not bother to go forth with the complaint due to this inconvenience. After hiring a personal injury lawyer Milwaukee, WI provides, they can take care of any paperwork and all legal matters from then on. By also hiring an attorney, it can relieve much of the stress that was placed on your shoulders since this lawsuit started. By hiring a personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, it can free up more of your time so you may be able to focus on recovering from your injury knowing you are in good hands.

Knowing if your incident is classified as a personal injury case can be tough to judge. Our experienced team of attorneys can help decide if your case is worth a lawsuit. Several personal injury occurrences we deal with include:

  • Product liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip and fall
  • Car/trucking accidents

Hire Hickey & Turim

When hiring a personal injury lawyer Milwaukee, WI citizens can trust, it is important to choose a firm with good, honest reviews. It may make or break your case depending on which firm you choose to go with. Our attorneys have received several awards acknowledging their attributions to this field of work. We pride ourselves on our years of dedication to the law, and to the people of Wisconsin. Facing a Personal Injury Deposition?

We understand the difficulty a personal injury can be, especially when it is due to the negligence of another individual. Personal injuries can produce pain, suffering, hospital stays, rehabilitation, and may even result in death. We believe if you have been the victim of this type of misfortune, you should receive the compensation you deserve. We can work around the clock to see your case through to the end, and help bring justice to whom it is owed. For a free case evaluation, call Hickey & Turim, a personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI can trust.