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Facing a Personal Injury Deposition?

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Personal Injury Lawyer Milwaukee, WI  Personal Injury Lawyer Milwaukee, WI

A personal injury lawyer Milwaukee, WI victims trusts from Hickey & Turim knows that having to attend a court hearing and provide a deposition regarding a personal injury case can feel overwhelming and stressful. By definition, a deposition is a written or verbal formal statement, that is used as evidence. The person being asked questions can quickly become self-conscious and worried about every single thing they say or do, as if they are under intense scrutiny. A personal injury lawyer serving Milwaukee, WI is likely to tell you that while what words you use can be important, the more stressed out you are the less likely you are to say what actually you mean. So, it is crucial that you prepare yourself as much as possible and utilize stress-relief techniques to keep yourself grounded.

Here are just a few suggestions from a personal injury lawyer for Milwaukee, WI regarding how to handle yourself during a personal injury deposition:

Be Professional and To-The-Point

If you look professional and show up well-dressed, you are likely to feel more confident, too. Sometimes, nerves cause us to make small talk, joke or laugh to lighten the mood. When it comes to the courtroom however, this may not go over so well. When the defense attorney starts asking questions related to what happened, be straight to the point and as clear as you are able to articulate. If for any reason you do not understand, say that you do not know and never guess as an answer. You may also ask the defense attorney politely if they can restate or rephrase the inquiry.

Feel No Need to Rush

Along with nerves, may come this feeling of being rushed in order to get things over with. But, if you walk away feeling as though you didn’t really say what you mean, it could hinder your case. Take your time to think and respond as truthfully as you can. Keep in mind that the defense attorney may try to ask you confusing questions to get you frazzled. Take a deep breath, ask for clarification if needed, and remain calm. Remember, you can also turn to your personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI if you need clarification of a question.

Be Completely Honest

If you do not respond to the defense attorney’s inquiries with honesty, there could be serious consequences as you are under oath. Not being sure or unable to recall are acceptable responses to questions that you simply do not have the answers for. It is best to play it safe and say you don’t know, than to get caught having made a false statement. Even if your untruthful statement was unintentional, you could get into trouble for it.

Get Prepared Beforehand

Talk with your Milwaukee, WI personal injury lawyer before the deposition so you can give it your best shot when you walk into the courtroom. If you know you have prepared, then you may feel less nervous when the time actually comes. Your attorney can do a practice run-through with you by asking questions the defense attorney is likely to present. In this way, a personal injury lawyer Milwaukee, WI relies on from Hickey & Turim can help you anticipate what relevant questions may be asked so you can have already thought about your answers and feel more confident prior to the hearing.

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