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If you have been injured and believed that someone was at fault, one of the first steps to take is to contact our personal injury claims lawyer Milwaukee, WI relies on. You deserve to have the experience and skill that we can provide you with. The services of Hickey & Turim SC can provide you with a Milwaukee, Wisconsin personal injury claims lawyer who can provide you with the many advantages that you deserve…..

To Help You Build a Strong Case Against the Negligent Party

We are savvy and skilled in personal injury law. This is a critical component to obtaining the best possible outcome for your case. When you begin working with our team, you are provided with experienced lawyers who will work hard to build a strong claim against the responsible party. This starts with a review of your case to determine that the critical elements are present. The next step will be to begin the process of gathering evidence that will help support your claim. Crucial evidence that our Milwaukee, WI personal injury claims lawyer can help you gather might include: photographs, videos, medical documentation, eyewitness statements, police statements, accident reports, and your account of the accident. 

Savvy Negotiators to Maximize Your Settlement Offer

We know that you need to have the time to heal from the injuries you are facing. The idea of negotiating your insurance claim on your own can be incredibly stressful. It’s not uncommon to receive a low ball settlement offer from the insurance company during the first round of negotiations. Many accident victims might feel pressured to take such an offer. Our personal injury claims lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, can manage the insurance company and support you by presenting you with all offers and making sure that you do not accept a settlement far less than you deserve. 

Ensure That the Correct Value is Assigned to Your Case

This is one of the most critical components to make sure that you receive an acceptable settlement offer. We will review your case and all elements at play so that nothing is left out of the demand letter to the insurance company. Unfortunately, when you attempt to value your case without an experienced personal injury claims lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, you risk either undervaluing or overvaluing your case. We can make sure that you aren’t taken advantage of by taking a settlement offer far less than you are entitled to and fails to cover your damages.  

Provide You With the Legal Support That You Deserve

Personal injury cases are full of many twists and turns. Unfortunately, even the most straightforward cases can bring forth their fair share of complications. It would help if you had legal support from our personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI. We will provide you with the legal guidance that you need by reviewing your case, answering your questions, assigning a value to your case, and keeping your interests at the forefront. 

Hickey & Turim SC

An accident that was at the hands of a negligent party can be incredibly challenging to manage. You deserve to receive the compensation that you are entitled to. You also have a right to receive representation from our skilled personal claims lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Please take advantage of the services that we provide by calling us to get started. 

In the wake of an accident, you will be experiencing physical pain, injuries, and financial losses. You need the help of Hickey & Turim SC to move forward with your case and to obtain every possible advantage. Let our Milwaukee, WI personal injury claims lawyer support you when you need us most.