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Workplace Injury Lawyer Glendale, WI

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Workplace Injury Lawyer Glendale, WI

Workplace Injury Lawyer Glendale, WI

If you were injured on the job, call a workplace injury lawyer Glendale, WI knows and respects, call Hickey & Turim, S.C. 

The state of Wisconsin has special laws that protect ill or injured employees. Most workers will be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Although the process is supposed to be easy, it is often anything but. Up to 50 percent of first time applicants will be denied. Most workers cannot afford a denial. 

Typically, if your case is anything but straightforward, you should let a workplace injury lawyer in Glendale, WI handle it. Our firm knows of many people who sustained serious injuries, or who had a complicated case, be denied their benefits. When this happens, a time consuming appeals process must take place. By hiring a lawyer in the beginning, the likelihood of a denial is significantly less. This is partly because the workers’ compensation board knows you are serious. 

Won’t I Get Less Money if I Hire a Lawyer?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked. We get it, a lawyer will need to be paid, so naturally you might think the amount of compensation you will receive must be less than what you would get without a lawyer and their fees, right? The truth is that when you retain Glendale workers’ compensation lawyers, from Hickey & Turim, S.C., you have a chance at receiving more than what you would on your own. Most people will recover more compensation even after their fees than they would without legal assistance. This is because a lawyer can ensure all details are considered and included in your case. 

Does My Employer Have Workers’ Compensation?

In Wisconsin, employers with over 5 employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. The coverage is typically available for full and part time workers’, as well as some other types of workers. It is usually not available for freelancers, independent contractors, or volunteers. Maritime and railroad workers, as well as federal workers have their own workers’ compensation programs. The process is different, but can still be overseen by a Glendale, WI workplace injury lawyer. 

Information for workers’ compensation insurance is typically posted in staff rooms, breakrooms, or bulletin boards. If you cannot find anything, and it is not in your employee handbook either, you should ask your employer. If they don’t have coverage, but are supposed to, call a workplace injury lawyer in Glendale, WI as soon as possible. 

Can I File a Third Party Personal Injury Claim?

Workers’ compensation benefits are made available to workers so they do not file a personal injury claim. In most cases, this is not even possible. However, the exception might be when a third party, who is not directly related to the employer, was responsible for your injury. For example, a vendors’ actions caused you harm. In this case, a personal injury claim might be pursuable. 

Experiencing an injury while on the job can leave lasting consequences, as a workplace injury lawyer in Glendale, WI is familiar with. Occupational hazards are sometimes inherent parts of a role, but certain injuries can be prevented if labor regulations and company policies are being observed properly. An employer’s lapse in judgement or failure to abide by basic safety rules can result in a worker becoming seriously harmed. A workplace injury is not easy to go through, and can bring with it financial losses, emotional pain, and other damages that can hinder an individual’s recovery. A victim’s quality of life can be permanently changed if they suffer a particularly severe injury. All workers have the right to seek fair and just compensation after suffering an injury. Our team at Hickey & Turim, S.C. can help you build your claim so that you can obtain a peace of mind and receive the settlement you deserve. 

Trusted Workplace injury lawyer in Glendale, WI

The last thing anyone expects is to become injured at work. As a worker, you deserve to be aware of your complete rights after such an incident occurs. However, it can be confusing to figure out the first steps to take once you decide to file a claim. That’s where a workplace injury lawyer can help, as they have the knowledge and years of litigation experience to determine which strategies to use to improve your chances of receiving the highest amount for your settlement. If a company doesn’t have the adequate protections in place for their workers, they should be pursued to the fullest extent. Consider speaking to Glendale workers compensation lawyers trusted by residents to learn about the ways they can help you with your case and determine the value of your claim. 

How the Value of Your Claim Is Determined

There are many factors that go into a claim’s value. Medical costs, lost wages, and the extent of your pain and suffering are a few of the things that a lawyer evaluates. Keep all your medical reports and documentation for your own records. It’s recommended that you consult with a workplace injury lawyer if you are seeking a more accurate valuation of your claim. 

What Should I Do After a Workplace Injury? 

After sustaining a workplace injury, you might be overwhelmed by the questions you have about your situation. How can I be sure if it was the employer who was at fault? What should I do if I fear retaliation from my employer? The sooner you take action and initiate a claim, the better your chances of building a strong case. There are a limited number of days you’re allowed to file a claim, and if you act too late you might put your chances of receiving compensation at risk. 

Quality Legal Assistance Is Available

We hold a “No win, no fee” policy so that you don’t have to worry about any expenses up-front. Schedule a consultation today with a workplace injury lawyer in the Glendale, Wisconsin area to discuss your case details.

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If you were injured in a workplace accident and would like to recover maximum benefits, calling a workplace injury lawyer in Glendale, Wisconsin should be your next step. Call Hickey & Turim, S.C. today for a case review. 

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