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Workers Compensation Lawyer Oak Creek, WI

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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Oak Creek, WI  Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Oak Creek, WI

Getting workers’ compensation for your injuries is not always simple, and a workers’ compensation lawyer in Oak Creek, WI from Hickey & Turim, S.C. can help you with your claim. It can be extremely frustrating when you have a legitimate workers’ compensation claim and yet they are still denied. Why do claims get denied? What can you do to have a better chance of your claim being accepted? Some of the main reasons claims get denied are:

  • No one witnessed your injury
  • Your injury was not reported immediately
  • Your medical records show that there were drugs in your system
  • There are differences between the medical records and your accident report
  • You filed your workers’ compensation claim after you got laid off or fired

No One Witnessed Your Injury

It is difficult to receive compensation for an injury if there were no witnesses. Workers’ compensation insurers will usually question most cases of accidents that are unwitnessed. If you were injured at work and no one saw the accident, there is nothing you can do about that. However, you should immediately go to your co-workers and supervisor and tell them exactly what happened. It is critical that you tell everyone the same explanation of how your injury took place, especially when discussing your claim with a workers’ compensation lawyer Oak Creek, Wisconsin trusts.

Your Injury Was Not Reported Immediately

Workers’ compensation insurers normally do not like claims in which the injury is not immediately reported. It is usually assumed that if the accident is not reported immediately, you were not actually injured. Most states have laws that also require that you report your injuries in a short time period. It is important to not wait to report your injury.

Your Medical Records Show That There Were Drugs in Your System

If you are injured from a work-related accident and go to the emergency room and there are illegal drugs in your system, workers’ compensation insurers will almost certainly not pay any workers’ compensation to you.

There are Differences Between the Medical Records and Your Accident Report

One of the main reasons workers’ compensation claims are denied is if your statements about how the accident took place are inconsistent. If you tell your coworkers that the accident happened one way but your supervisor or doctor it happened in a different way, your case will be affected. It is important to make sure you are telling everyone the exact same story of what took place. This includes your Wisconsin workers’ compensation lawyer.

You Filed Your Workers’ Compensation Claim After You Got Laid Off or Fired

In some instances, a legitimate workers’ compensation claim gets delayed being filed by the employee and when they want to file the claim, they are fired or laid off. In most instances, the insurers believe this is a revenge claim. This is another reason to not delay filing your claim if you have a legitimate injury related to the workplace.

Get the Help You Need from a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Oak Creek, WI trusts

It is important to remember to report your injury quickly and properly and to speak with a trusted and experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. By working with a workers’ compensation lawyer, you will have their added expertise on the different situations that could affect whether your claim is accepted or denied. Contact an Oak Creek, WI workers’ compensation lawyer from Hickey & Turim, S.C. today.

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