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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Brookfield, WI

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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Brookfield, WI

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Brookfield, WI

If you were recently injured in a motor vehicle accident while performing duties for your job, please connect with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer Brookfield, WI residents trust. Once our team learns more about the details surrounding your crash, we’ll be able to advise you in regards to whether you should file a workers’ compensation claim, a personal injury claim, or both kinds of claims in the wake of your accident. Failure to explore your legal options now may leave you “holding the bill” for medical costs, property damage, lost wages, and other financial obligations related to your crash that you shouldn’t be held accountable for. The experienced Wisconsin legal team at Hickey & Turim S.C. takes great pride in advocating for the rights of workers and accident victims. Please allow us to better ensure that you’re granted access to any forms of fairly valued compensation to which you may be entitled at this time.

Can I File a Workers’ Compensation Claim for a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Workers’ compensation claims are often filed in the wake of motor vehicle accidents. If you’re eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you may be able to file one successfully in the aftermath of your accident as well. The primary question that a workers’ compensation claims adjuster will ask is whether the accident occurred as you were engaging in job-related activities or not. If you commute to work from your home and an accident occurs on that commute while you’re “off the clock,” you likely won’t be able to pursue a workers’ compensation claim because you weren’t actually doing your job at the time of your crash. If, however, your boss asked you to pick up pastries for your team on your way into work and your crash occurs during your commute/work-related errand, you can file a workers’ compensation claim successfully with the assistance of an experienced Brookfield, WI workers’ compensation lawyer as you were doing your job at the time of your collision.

It may also be possible to file a workers’ compensation claim if you were “off the clock” at the time of your accident, provided that some limited circumstances apply. For example, if you’re a long-haul trucker and you were using your work vehicle (which is your only means of transport when you’re away from home) to get to your hotel to rest of the night or to grab a bite to eat during a mandatory rest period when your crash occurred, your activities may still be considered sufficiently work-related to warrant a successful workers’ compensation claim. If you’re unsure of whether your crash occurred at a time that allows you to successfully file a workers’ compensation claim, please connect with our firm for clarification and guidance.

Legal Assistance Is Available

The aftermath of a motor vehicle crash can be truly disorienting. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused, know that you don’t have to navigate the legal side of your circumstances alone. An experienced Brookfield, WI workers’ compensation lawyer with our firm is available at all times to answer your questions and to assist you with your legal options; we look forward to speaking with you.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Aggravation of Preexisting Conditions, Occupational Illness and Repetitive Trauma

It’s almost always a good idea to have an experienced legal advocate by your side when filing paperwork related to workers’ compensation benefits. Unless your injuries are so superficial that they will only affect your life for a day or two, there is simply too much at stake to risk that your claim will be devalued, delayed, or compromised in some way. However, it is particularly important that you connect with an experienced Brookfield, WI workers’ compensation lawyer if your case runs the risk of being considered “complicated.” When workers are hurt in accidents on job sites and those accidents are witnessed by others, there is little reason – if any – for workers’ compensation insurance claims adjusters to question that the resulting harm from that accident is work-related. However, if you were injured off-site, have been harmed by repetitive trauma, have been made sick by an occupational illness, or have aggravated a preexisting condition, an insurance claims adjuster may try to “pin” your harm on non-work life experiences. If you were working off-site when you were harmed, a claims adjuster could insist that you weren’t actually engaged in work-related activity at the time you were injured. As a result, the value of your claim could go down. Having an experienced attorney advocating on your behalf can help to minimize these risks.

When crafting a successful claim for “complicated” cases, our team will do everything we can to secure medical, work, and practical evidence to back up your claim. When preparing for your consultation, take some time to think about what evidence, if any, you can alert us to right away. Note that while your case is pending, you’ll want to be careful with how you engage on social media. Even posting a picture of you playing with your kids could cause a claims adjuster to assume that you’re not as hurt as you claim to be – or – that your injuries were caused by your lifestyle choices, not your work.

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If you’ve been injured or been made ill while on the job, it’s important to understand that you have legal options available to you, regardless of the circumstances surrounding how your harm was caused. Depending on the nature of your situation, you may be entitled to significant compensation, even if your injuries were not caused by another’s negligence, recklessness, or intentionally dangerous conduct. Please allow the experienced Wisconsin legal team at Hickey & Turim SC to clarify your legal options for you so that you are not unjustly burdened with the medical costs, lost wages, and other financial challenges resulting from your injuries.

Please act quickly, as you may be barred from seeking compensation if you wait too long to speak with an experienced Brookfield, WI workers’ compensation lawyer so that necessary paperwork can be filed before the statute of limitations on your situation has run.

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