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What Happens After a Work-Related Injury?

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Glendale Workers Compensation Lawyers 

Glendale Workers Compensation Lawyers In the event an injury or illness arises due to the work environment or job-related tasks, a worker may be eligible to receive workers compensation benefits. This benefits program was created to help pay for employees that suffer an accident or come down with a medical condition while in the workplace. Whether you have recently been injured or sick due to work, or just want to know more about workers compensation in case it does ever happen, the information below will address some of your questions.

What should I do if an injury happened while at work? 
It is key that a worker lets their manager know right away if an injury has occurred. Many employees may be tempted to wave away the incident as no big deal. However, the injury can develop and worsen over time. Even a simple trip over debris or a bump on the head from an overhanging object is enough to report. A Glendale employee may worry their supervisor will judge or indirectly punish the worker for filing a workers compensation claim. While retaliation of any sort on behalf of staff due to an employee filing an injury claim is unlawful, the fear may still be there for the worker.

What must be proven in order to receive workers compensation benefits?
The injury or illness must be proven to have occurred during the course of employment and occurred because of the work role or environment. It can get tricky when employees are hurt while working, but were not on site at the time of the incident. An example of this is if an employee runs a work-related errand, is a traveling salesman, or otherwise is performing job tasks away from the company location. If an employee was proven to have been under the influence when the accident happened, or it was a self-inflicted injury, the claim will likely be denied.

What is an occupational illness?
An occupational illness can arise if a worker comes down with a condition as a result of exposure while on the job. Examples of illnesses can range from mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos material, to AIDS/HIV contracted if a doctor pricked their finger with a contaminated blood sample. Where it can get more complex is if the employee develops an illness that is viewed as a common disease due to life that many people may get regardless of their career path. It is not impossible to receive benefits for certain medical conditions that may be related to work, but there will likely be much more evidence needed before benefits are awarded.

Is there ever a situation where a worker may need the help of Glendale Workers Compensation Lawyers?
Sometimes, a worker is not awarded a benefit amount that is sufficient in order to receive proper treatment. Things can also get complicated if your primary doctor disagrees with the diagnosis and treatment plan of the work-assigned doctor. The doctor chosen by your work may be biased and lean in the favor of what will save your employer the most money. Glendale workers compensation lawyers can provide advice and guidance during such situations. Call the office of Hickey & Turim today!

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