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SSDI Law Firm Milwaukee, WI

Social Security is a topic that most people are familiar with, but one they might not have the deepest knowledge about, compared to an SSDI law firm in Milwaukee, WI. Individuals who are part of the Social Security program might not know about the Social Security disability benefits. The agency allows adults and children who are minors who are diagnosed with a cognitive or physical disability to receive disability benefits. The aim of this is to provide families with financial relief they may be eligible for. Some families might not be aware of the full benefits available to them through this program, and how it can help them. If you would like to start a case that involves Social Security disability, you may want to reach out to an experienced lawyer who specializes in that practice area, such as Hickey & Turim, SC. 

SSDI Law Firm in Milwaukee, WI

There are three types of Social Security, as a knowledgeable Social Security disability lawyer in Milwaukee, WI that residents can trust will explain. The first and main aspect of Social Security that many people may be more aware of are retirement benefits, where individuals pay into Social Security as part of a long-term investment they can collect after retirement. However, the agency also provides disability insurance benefits to adults and children. 

Social Security Disability Insurance for Adults

The second feature of the system is Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, which serves eligible disabled adults who have contributed to Social Security but are unable to work due to their condition. If your disability was caused by an injury or illness that prevented you from working, you may be qualified to receive benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) determines if you have a qualifying condition. You must also have been employed in a SSA-covered occupation, so it helps to speak to a SSDI lawyer to determine if you meet this requirement. They can help answer other questions you may have regarding your disability.

Criteria for Social Security Disability Insurance For Children

For minor children who have a cognitive and physical condition, there is a third and separate program that serves them. Families can apply for benefits through the program Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Approvals are based on need and beneficiaries are not required to have paid into Social Security retirement benefits. This eases the burden on most families and makes the program more accessible, providing benefits to a wider pool of eligible recipients.

For a child to be eligible to receive SSDI benefits, there are two criteria they must meet:

  • The child must have a mental or physical disabling condition that significantly hinders their ability to take part in activities 
  • The child’s condition must last (or is projected to last) one year or is considered a fatal condition 

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