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Slip and Fall Lawyer Brookfield, WI

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Slip and Fall Lawyer Brookfield, WI

Slip and Fall Lawyer Brookfield, WI

A slip and fall lawyer in Brookfield, Wisconsin knows fairly well about the consequences of slip and fall accidents. Victims of slip and fall accidents tend to suffer from a range of injuries, such as head injuries, leg injuries, fractures, sprains and more. A negligent property owner can be pursued if their actions or lack of action resulted in a person suffering an injury after a slip and fall incident, and victims may be entitled to several types of damages to recover compensation. To learn more about what kind of help a lawyer can provide you with, discuss your case with a seasoned lawyer like one from Hickey and Turim SC

Slip and Fall Lawyer in Brookfield, WI

With a combined 70 years of legal experience, the dedicated team at Hickey & Turim SC has handled many different types of cases with the practice area of personal injury. Clients can depend on them to address their unique needs and goals for recovering the highest compensation allowed by the law and obtaining justice. Their skilled legal team has represented over 10,000 clients and have consistently achieved excellent results. To learn what quality legal services they can help you with, set up a consultation so you can receive customized legal assistance. 

How Slip and Fall Accidents Commonly Occur

In a slip and fall accident case, the property owner has the responsibility to make sure a hazard such as a water leak or spilled drink is correctly cleaned up. After getting rid of the hazard, they must install a visible sign to warn the public about the slippery surface. If they fail to do so and a person becomes injured, the injured victim has the right to bring a claim against the property owner and the owner can be held liable for negligence. 

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

As a reputable and admired slip and fall lawyer that is established in Brookfield, WI can explain, a slip and fall accident can be caused by a variety of things, ranging from an improperly mopped floor after a spilled drink to a broken pipe that caused flooding. Here are several scenarios that might lead to a slip and fall accident:

  • Failure to to put up the proper signs warning of slippery surfaces
  • Spilled food or drinks are not disposed of and cleaned properly
  • Loose floors such as carpeting
  • Broken or unsecured handrails along sidewalks or stairs
  • Stairs that are worn out or not built properly
  • Exposed wires left on the floor or not secured
  • Neglect in nursing homes that involve unattended patients
  • Bad lighting that impairs vision and hides obstacles

Contact a Qualified and Experienced Wisconsin Lawyer

It is not your fault that a slip and fall accident happened to you, so you should not be expected to deal with the pain, emotional suffering and financial expenses yourself. Act now to speak to a lawyer about your rights and how you can pursue the responsible party. Learn more about the next steps you should take by scheduling a case evaluation with a top slip and fall lawyer in Brookfield, WI at no cost. 

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