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On the Job Injury Lawyer Green Bay, WI

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On the Job Injury Lawyer Green Bay, WI

On the Job Injury Lawyer Green Bay, WI

If you have been injured or made ill by engaging in work-related activities, you’ll want to consult with an on-the-job injury lawyer Green Bay residents trust – and you’ll want to do so as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances surrounding how you sustained work-related harm, you may be entitled to significant compensation at this time. However, if you wait too long to explore your options, you may be barred from receiving one or more kinds of compensation. For example, you may be in a position to file a successful personal injury claim and/or receive a significant insurance settlement. Both of these options for recourse are time-sensitive. However, if you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits as a result of your injuries, you have even less time to act before you’ll be barred from any benefits to which you’re entitled.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits – Eligibility

If you are a full-time or part-time worker at a company that employs more than a few workers, chances are good that you’re eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits if you’ve been injured or made sick while on the job. By contrast, if you’re an independent contractor, the company you work for is very small, or you are employed by a specialty industry (maritime, railroad, etc.) you likely won’t be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. If you’re unsure of your eligibility status, that’s okay. A workers’ compensation lawyer Green Bay, WI can clarify your eligibility for you in a no-risk consultation setting.

If you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, you’ll be able to receive these benefits regardless of what caused your harm, provided that you were engaged in work-related activity when you became injured or ill. This is because the workers’ compensation system functions on a no-fault basis. You will likely only be barred from receiving benefits if you were purposefully trying to get hurt, you were hurt as a consequence of a fight you started, or you were drunk, high, or otherwise intoxicated at the time you became injured on the job.

Legal Assistance Is Available

The thought of having to navigate your legal options in the wake of a work-related injury can be an intimidating and frustrating experience. Right now, you’re probably trying to focus all of your energy on recovering and getting back to work. The dedicated Wisconsin legal team at Hickey & Turim SC understands this challenging situation, as we have extensive experience helping injured workers seek any and all compensation to which they may be entitled after sustaining harm. Know that we will do everything we can to take the stress of legal and financial consequences related to your injuries off of your “plate” so that you can turn your attention to wherever you need it to be right now. Contact our Green Bay, WI on the job injury lawyer to learn more about the legal and financial options available to you at this time; we look forward to assisting you.

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