MVA Lawyer Milwaukee, WI Auto Accident Lawyer Milwaukee, WI

In just a split second a motor vehicle accident can alter your life. You may experience severe physical pain, be unable to cover the costs of your medical bills, and feel overwhelmed with the situation as a whole. You might know what to do, or who to turn to. This is understandable. However, please know that you can, and should, call an MVA lawyer Milwaukee, WI has to offer, such as one from Hickey and Turim, S.C. Our lawyers would be happy to listen to what happened and help you to understand your rights and options. 

Hickey and Turim, S.C.: A Law Firm You Can Rely On For Advice

For years, Hickey and Turim, S.C. has successfully helped men, women, families, and individuals recover damages that resulted from a motor vehicle accident. Through due diligence, an honest legal strategy, and a tenacious approach towards every case, we’ve recovered a total of millions of dollars in compensation. Count on an MVA lawyer in Milwaukee, WI to listen to you about your accident and explain what you may be able to do to improve your situation. 

When it comes to an accident in Wisconsin, there are many law firms to choose from; however, they are not all equal. Take a moment to consider the following reasons for choosing a car accident lawyer in Milwaukee, WI from Hickey and Turim, S.C.:

When you decide to partner with Hickey and Turim, S.C., please know that our firm will do our best to:

  • Give your case the necessary attention
  • Listen to your needs and answer your questions honestly
  • Utilize our vast amount of resources
  • Build a sound, logical defense that cannot be refuted
  • Develop solutions that are practical and approachable
  • Help you to get medical care while you wait for a settlement
  • Help you with a vehicle replacement or repair
  • Maintain communication with the insurance company
  • Gather evidence to support your claim
  • Determine who is at fault
  • Consider all avenues of compensation
  • Handle the negotiation process
  • Reach a fair and just settlement
  • Prepare your case for trial if a settlement is not obtained
  • Maintain communication with you

As a leading MVA lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, we handle 99% of cases on contingency. This means you are not charged up front. Only if we win your case will a portion of your settlement be retained by our firm as a reimbursement. 

If you have been involved in any of the following accidents, call Hickey and Turim, S.C. for legal advice and advocacy:

  • Car accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Truck accident
  • Distracted driving accident
  • Driving while intoxicated accident
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Weather-related accident
  • + More

Although you can fight your own MVA case, it is not advisable. There is a high risk of being taken advantage of by tactful insurance adjusters who are adept at getting their way. They don’t want to pay you what you deserve, and will work hard to prevent this from happening. An MVA lawyer in Milwaukee, WI can help to prevent this from happening. Call Hickey and Turim, S.C. now.