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Milwaukee Scooter Injury Lawyer

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Milwaukee Scooter Injury Lawyer Milwaukee Scooter Injury Lawyer

A Milwaukee Scooter Injury Lawyer from Hickey & Turim Law Firm are aware that electric scooters have become more popular over the years. However, the number of people who feel electric scooters is risky and controversial has grown as well. The fact is, these scooters can be immensely dangerous to the general public, since there isn’t the option of renting a helmet along with it. So, those who crash or take a tumble are likely to sustain severe injuries. There have been several reported incidents where a rider has died from falling off an electric scooter and sustaining fatal head injuries. 

A Scooter Injury Lawyer in Milwaukee may also refer to electric scooter as rideshare scooters, motorized scooters, or electric rental scooters. These scooters have become a problem for major cities, college communities, small towns, and business parks due to their dangerous nature. Either the rider or other pedestrians can get seriously hurt, and the resulting injuries often need medical intervention from emergency personnel. 

Why are electric scooters so popular?

Electric scooters offer the public a new way of getting around. Many riders find these scooters fun and are easy to quickly rent from a docking station that are set up on streets and campuses. Users can rent a scooter through downloading an application on their phone. After the scooter is unlocked, that person can ride it where they would like without a time limit. After the person is finished, they can ditch it anywhere they prefer. Even though most people rent directly from a docking station to start, the scooter doesn’t need to be brought back to that exact location afterwards. A Milwaukee personal injury lawyer strongly advises using other forms of transportation if you need to get around. 

Am I able to file a lawsuit if I fell while on an electric scooter?

You may be entitled to financial compensation through a lawsuit against the scooter company for your injuries and damages. A Lawyer for Scooter Injury in Milwaukee is familiar with personal injury law can inform clients about whether they have a case and how to go about filing a lawsuit. There is currently some gray area regarding electric scooters and the law, so it’s best to receive guidance from a legal professional who understands the nuances associated with these types of accidents. 

By law, do riders have to operate a scooter with a helmet?

There are rules that the user must abide by before they use the scooter. The rider must scan a valid driver’s license into the app on their phone, and then agree to a set of guidelines, along with a recommendation that riders wear a helmet. But, as a Milwaukee, WI Scooter Injury Lawyer may tell clients, the company does not provide such protection nor do they have any person present to enforce the rules. If by state law riders have to wear a helmet, then that would be on the responsibility of local law enforcement to hold these people accountable. Since electric scooters is a fairly new method of transportation, some states may not have established yet whether wearing a helmet is required.

All in all, these electric scooter companies leave too much room for risk of injury to riders, because a staff member is never present to assist in the transaction and to ensure the scooter is safe for use. If you or someone you love was harmed in an electric scooter accident, then call a Milwaukee Lawyer for Scooter Injury from Hickey & Turim SC right away. 

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