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Stories Behind The Cases

Posted July 22, 2016

Vote Nancy Stencil for Assembly

Wisconsin Representative John Spiros attempted to destroy our gold standard Worker’s Compensation system in 2015. Not only did Representative Spiros purposefully circumvent the Workers Compensation Advisory Council System, but he also attempted to throw 100+ years of cooperation by labor and management out the window. Among other things, the bill that Representative Spiros introduced attempted to: […]

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Posted July 13, 2016

Safety Tips for Workers in Highway Work Zones

Highway work zones can be very dangerous for individuals working in the construction injury. Injuries can range from workers being struck by cars, to falling, to sustaining significant electrical shocks. Additionally, the chance of injury tends to increase for individuals working in severe weather conditions. While most highway work is conducted in the summer or […]

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Posted July 11, 2016

Important Teen Driving Safety Tips

Too often our local newspapers tell the stories of teenagers being seriously injured or killed in automobile related accidents. This can be scary for many parents. As soon as your teenagers start to discuss the prospect of driving, you should begin considering the advice you’ll provide to keep them safe. Not all accidents are avoidable, […]

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Posted June 23, 2016

Josh Turim Receives Super Lawyers Award for 2nd Straight Year

Josh Turim, a partner and shareholder at Hickey & Turim, S.C., recently received the Super Lawyers award for the second straight year. He was selected to be one of Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars in Wisconsin for 2016. The Super Lawyers award is given annually to less than 5% of attorneys in Wisconsin, and no more […]

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Posted May 23, 2016

What do I need to know about the newly passed Workers’ Comp Bill?

Wisconsin Act 180 Assembly Bill 724 became law on March 1st, 2016. Governor Scott Walker signed the bill on February 29th, as discussed in a recent blog post. With the exception of two provisions that will take effect this July, all other provisions were effective as of March 2nd. The new law, Wisconsin Act 180, […]

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Posted March 28, 2016

Wisconsin Contractor Continues to Ignore Safety Regulations for Employees

In a previous blog post, we discussed a Wisconsin roofing contractor who has ignored federal laws for years, allowing employees to work in unsafe conditions and undergo serious injuries. Unfortunately, this roofing company is not alone in its safety violations. Another Wisconsin roofing contracting company has failed to protect its workers from fall hazards, according […]

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Posted March 15, 2016

New Worker’s Comp Bill is Law

Assembly Bill 724 became a law on March 4th, 2016. Governor Scott Walker signed the bill on February 29th, and with the exception of two provisions that will take effect this July, all other provisions were effective as of March 4th. According to a article, the new law, Wisconsin Act 180, makes several changes […]

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Posted February 15, 2016

Seriously Injured Employees Not Protected When Companies Opt Out of Workers’ Comp

Texas and Oklahoma are two states that do not have state-regulated workers’ compensation in place for injured employees. When employers opt out of workers’ comp, “they avoid state regulation and write their own workplace injury plans, which make it easier to deny and cut benefits, control medical care and limit appeals of their decisions,” said […]

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Posted February 15, 2016

Medical Costs in Wisconsin Among the Highest in the Country

A recent article from the Badger Herald discussed the exceptionally high medical costs in Wisconsin for injured workers. Senate Bill 536, which the Wisconsin State Assembly passed last Tuesday, did not address rising work-related medical costs. “While I take issue with some of these proposals,” said Aaron Reilly, author of the Badger Herald article, “I […]

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Posted January 13, 2016

Wisconsin’s Civil Service System is threatened by a New Senate Bill

A recent Cap Times article addressed Senate Bill 285, a bill proposed by the Walker administration and Republican leadership in Wisconsin this past fall. As the article states, this bill “would destroy key parts of Wisconsin’s 110-year-old civil service system.” These “key parts” of the system include everything from unemployment insurance, the dark money ban, […]

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