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September 27, 2016

3 Ways to Avoid Back Pain at Your Office

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People constantly complain to their Rockville back pain doctor that they have no time for the gym.  But without being active, people end up doing more harm to their body by being inactive.  So how can people avoid back pain in the office?  We have assembled three essential elements that anyone can do to avoid back pain.


Get up every 20 minutes.  The best chair is the one that makes you get up.  Our bodies are meant to be standing and in an optimal position.  Try a standing desk or set a timer and get up at your desk.  This can be done if you are at a cubicle or in an open office.  And if you feel people are looking at you, challenge a coworker to stop sitting at their desk and start this program as well.  At first, you might feel fatigued, but the more you practice this the more endurance you built up in your back which gives you more strength in your mid section.

Bottom Line:  More strength in the mid section = decreased back pain.

Pay attention to working posture.  Often we spend money on that $400-plus chair and the result is a few months of a chair that feels like you’re sitting on clouds, but the end result is softening the midsection.  Also, in regards to ergonomics, do a quick check on your sitting posture.

  • Are your feet on the ground?
  • Are your shoulders relaxed?
  • Are you leaning forward to look at your computer monitor?
  • Are your wrists in a relaxed state?

Strength and flexibility outside the office

Although these tactics are great for your office, 30 minutes of any kind of exercise a day can create increased strength, more energy and overall improved health.


Anti-inflammatory foods: Eat foods that work well for your system.  Everyone reacts to food different and being conscious of how food affects you can make a huge difference.  For example, some people eat a certain type of food that makes their stomach become inflamed.

Inflammation to your digestive organs can cause low back pain.  When your gut is inflamed by poor eating habits, the body will compromise your core muscles to protect your internal organs.  When that occurs, you’re setting yourself up for low back pain.

Hydration:  Drinking plenty of water throughout the day continues to keep the cells in your body healthy.

How You View Exercise and Pain

Going to the gym at first can be hard.  You think about all the work it takes.  Finding time.  Feeling sore after a workout.  And having trouble sitting down after all those squats.  But what if you chose to think about the outcome in a different light?  Instead of all the work it takes to make it to the gym, rethink it as how you are building a whole new body that will be in less pain after the workouts.  All of that soreness you feel that will eliminate long term back pain in the future.  Instead of “this pain is killing me,” think about how good you will feel gaining strength and being able to go out and start a new activity or sport.

While there are steps you can take to help avoid chronic pain as a result your job, it’s important to remember that if you’ve suffered serious injury as a result of your working conditions, a workers’ compensation lawyer is always there to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Thanks to our friend and co-contributor, Dr. Brian Paris of Advanced Spine & Wellness Center for his insight into avoiding back pain.

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