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Health Care Worker Injury Lawyer WI

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Wisconsin Health Care Worker Injury Lawyer

Health Care Worker Injury Lawyer WI

To those who work in health care, they are often doing so out of wanting to help others heal but that doesn’t mean they won’t need a health care worker injury lawyer in WI at some point. Working in a health care setting, there are plenty of accidents that can happen on the job. The thought of health care workers getting injured on the job can go unnoticed. Here at Hickey and Turim SC you can know that you are in good hands and will be listened to about your claim. We have the skills needed to help you with your claim and the experience to understand the complexity of the work-related injuries you are facing.  

Common Causes of Health Care Worker Injuries 

Repetitive Stress Injuries

One of the biggest causes of injury is repetitive movement. From bending down to having to move patients around it can cause serious stress to your body. The ending result could be a strain that progressively gets worse if not taken care of as soon as possible. Those who are most likely to suffer from this type of injury are orderlies, attendants, and nursing aides that do plenty of movement or moving of patients daily. When you need a health care worker injury lawyer in WI, know you can turn to Hickey and Turim SC to learn what you can do. 

Needle Sticks  

Health care workers use needles on a daily basis. It isn’t uncommon for a needle prick to happen when drawing blood, or giving an injection. Improper disposal of the needle can also lead to needle sticks. These can be simple to life-threatening depending on the needle that did the damage. There can be long-term effects from a needle stick that was improperly disposed of. 

Slips and Falls

No matter where you are, slips and falls can happen. The medical facility is no exception to this, as there is cleaning that happens around the clock. The most common is the floor not being cleaned or dried after a spill or floors being slick due to heavy applications of cleaning products. When you add on everything that goes on in a hospital setting, like the use of cords or hoses, the risk goes up. Having so many hazards underfoot makes it hard to stay safe from slips or falls. 

Patient Violence 

The healthcare industry is unique in the way that healthcare workers are more vulnerable to workplace violence. It has been reported that workers in this field have a 20 percent higher chance of workplace violence than other workers. Due to the nature of the patients, it can be easy to get hurt on the job. 

If you are in need of a healthcare worker injury lawyer in WI then reach out to Hickey and Turim SC to learn what you are up against. If you have questions about your options then we are more than willing to help you get the care you need. You will work hand in hand with an attorney that can help guide you through the complicated process that is filing a work injury. 

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