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Does Amazon Have Workers’ Compensation?

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Does Amazon have workers’ compensation?

Does Amazon have workers’ compensation

A workers’ compensation lawyer has successfully helped many people who have had their workers’ compensation benefits denied. Each day, workers are injured during their shift, resulting in significant financial loss and excessive medical costs. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is a way they can make up for their missed time off work and receive monetary compensation for their work-related injury. If you are an Amazon worker, you may be wondering if they have workers’ compensation.

The largest online retailer 

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, operating in more than 50 countries and supplying millions of products across multiple categories to customers around the world. To sustain their operations, they have a workforce of over 798,000 employees. As with any job at a warehouse, there are a number of hazards that put workers at risk of being injured.

Like many other companies, Amazon does provide its employees workers’ compensation, but it is difficult to apply and actually receive benefits. Workers may be entitled to compensation, but they often have to go through many hurdles just to have their claim approved. 

Is it easy to apply for Amazon workers’ compensation?

At Amazon, it is fairly difficult to receive workers’ compensation benefits for a number of reasons. Amazon’s insurance company, like many employer insurance companies, are highly selective about which claims they approve. One major reason that makes workers’ compensation claims difficult to file in the company is the fact that accident reports are not always recorded. Workers are expected to keep their productivity levels high, which further discourages them from taking the necessary steps, such as seeking medical attention right after they are injured. A workers’ compensation lawyer that Brookfield, WI residents trust can provide you with legal assistance if you have sustained an injury while working at Amazon.

What injuries are covered under Amazon workers’ compensation?

The workplace environment in Amazon warehouses are known for their intensity and fast-paced schedule. A high number of workplace injuries have occurred across many Amazon distribution centers. Commonly reported injuries include:

  • Back injuries
  • Leg injuries
  • Sprains
  • Ladder injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Slip, trip and falls
  • Transportation injuries
  • Forklift injuries

What can a lawyer do if my claim is rejected? 

If you submitted what you believe to be a valid workers’ compensation claim only to receive notice that it was rejected, you are encouraged to talk to a lawyer for further legal counsel. They will conduct their own investigation and protect your rights against a large corporation like Amazon. They will make sure you receive the compensation you deserve and prevent you from being taken advantage of. 

Many Amazon workers are also hesitant to apply for benefits even if they have suffered an injury that is covered. They fear that their hours will be reduced or some other form of retaliation from Amazon which can affect their job security. Because of these reasons, many workers don’t bother to submit a claim. 

It is crucial that you are aware of your full legal options. If you have experienced an injury at an Amazon warehouse, talk to a Brookfield, WI-based workers’ compensation lawyer like one from Hickey & Turim SC to learn about your legal rights.

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