Construction Accident Lawyers Glendale WIConstruction sites can be a dangerous place and result in serious accidents, so if you have been injured consider seeking counsel from construction accident lawyers Glendale WI citizens can trust. At Hickey & Turim SC, we are dedicated to helping those that have been injured while at a job site. We work diligently to help protect your rights as a hard worker and gain the appropriate compensation for your losses or personal injury.

Types of Construction Accidents
Individuals that have been injured during construction are entitled to workers’ compensation to help cover lost income and medical treatment. In some situations, you may be eligible for lifetime permanent disability payments and lump sum settlements. In order to gain the highest amount of compensation, you may want to consider hiring construction accident lawyers Glendale WI can count on that understand your rights. The skilled construction accident lawyers in Glendale WI from Hickey & Turim SC may suggest that there are many different ways people can get hurt at construction sites. Including, but not limited to:

  • Falling from heights or scaffolding: it is not uncommon for construction workers to work at high heights, on ladders and scaffolding, on roofs and in windows. In tragic cases, a worker may fall from the building, scaffolding or a high piece of machinery. Even if the worker is not at high heights, in some places, they may fall into deep holes or ditches.
  • Electrocutions: It is not uncommon for there to be exposed power lines, wiring, generators, power tools and unfinished electrical systems in construction sites. If you come in contact with one of these you could get electrocuted or shocked. Construction accident lawyers Glendale WI provides, can help assist you with gaining compensation for medical bills and damage done if you were electrocuted.
  • Slips and Falls: Construction sites can become dangerous from stray materials and tools, and even uneven ground or holes. These things can easily lead to trips, falls or slips.
  • Objects Falling: Multilevel buildings can lead to objects such as tools, building materials, beams or other items falling and hitting workers below.
  • Overexertion: In some cases, workers can overexert themselves in the harsh environments and tasking labor, leading to heat stroke. Glendale construction accident lawyers may also suggest that constant repetitive motion can lead to injuries. If the body is continually doing the same thing over and over again, the soft tissue and muscles may become damaged and worn, resulting in pain or limited mobility.
  • Machinery Accidents: Using heavy equipment is a necessity at construction sites. Workers may have to use bulldozers, cranes, nail guns, jackhammers, these machines can be extremely dangerous if an error were to occur.
    The knowledgeable construction accident lawyers Glendale WI provides may explain that these are just some of the accidents that can occur at a construction site. If you were injured while working you may be able to receive a large amount of workers’ compensation.

Find the Right Help
Our lawyers at Hickey & Turim SC are dedicated to helping you if you have been a victim of a construction accident. Seek the legal guidance of the trusted construction accident lawyers Glendale WI residents know can help and call us at (262) 797-6677.