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Car Accident Lawyer Milwaukee, WIIf you have ever been the victim of a Wisconsin car accident, you know how upsetting they can be, especially if you sustained injuries because of another driver’s negligence. Wisconsin law allows victims to pursue damages against the at-fault party for the losses the injuries cause the victims to suffer. These losses include medical expenses, loss of income if you cannot work while recovering, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, permanent disability, and more. A car accident lawyer in Milwaukee, WI can help victims get the full financial compensation they are entitled to.

While many vehicle accidents can be complex, accidents that involve limousines are especially complicated. Not only may there be more than one party liable – such as the limo driver and the limo company – but very often these accidents leave victims with serious to severe injuries because of the type of vehicle that is involved. The following are some FAQs about car accidents involving limousines.

What is it about the design of limousines makes them more dangerous than regular passenger vehicles?

The stretch limousines that we see on our roads are not produced by any of the major car manufacturers. Instead, stretch limousines are regular vehicles that are extended by cutting the vehicle in half and then inserting a longer middle section. To do this, it is not uncommon for the company producing the limousine to remove safety features that regular vehicles are required to have, including easily accessible exits, reinforced rollover bars, and side-impact airbags. There are no federal safety regulations in place for a vehicle modified into a limousine.

What safety factors should a potential client look for in a stretch limousine?

Because a stretch limo is much longer than a regular passenger vehicle, it is more difficult to maneuver and control. Because the vehicle has been modified, it is critical that the brakes and tires of the vehicle have also been modified in order to adjust for the additional weight the vehicle now has.

When hiring a limousine company, you want to make sure that the company you are dealing with has a good reputation. Investigate the safety record of the company, make sure the driver is properly licensed, and check out the condition of the vehicle you will be renting.

Who is liable for injuries in a limousine accident?

If the crash was caused by recklessness or negligence of the driver (i.e., speeding), or if it was caused by negligence on the part of the company (i.e., failure to maintain the vehicle), the company could be held liable for any losses victims suffered. A Milwaukee, WI accident lawyer can evaluate the case and determine how to proceed.

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