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April 12, 2021

Car Accident Lawyer

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When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer

No one expects to get into a car accident, so when it does happen it can leave victims at a loss of what to do. There are always drivers on the road who have no regard for other people’s safety or who drive while they are impaired or distracted. Whatever the case, you may be at the wrong place at the wrong time and end up becoming a victim. Every car accident victim has different circumstances, so you may be wondering if it is worth hiring a lawyer to assist you with your claim.  

As a top-rated and highly skilled car accident lawyer such as one from Tuttle Law, P.A. can explain to you, there are certain cases where hiring a lawyer could be your best option. If your case is particularly complex, having a lawyer to support you can make your case go much more smoothly. The following scenarios are several examples where having a car accident lawyer at your side to advocate for you may be beneficial. 

You suffered a serious injury

Car accidents are often traumatic and devastating, and it can leave victims with serious head, neck and leg injuries. Paying for treatment for such injuries can take a financial toll on many accident victims. With a lawyer to fight for you, you can potentially get a higher compensation amount than if you filed a claim without a lawyer. 

You were struck by a drunk driver

If your injuries were caused by a negligent driver who was drunk at the time of the accident, it is recommended that you hire a lawyer. They can pursue the person who was at fault, and they may even be able to seek punitive damages against them since the person was drunk behind the wheel. 

You were partially at fault 

If you suspect that you were partially at fault, having a lawyer can ensure that your rights will be protected and that you have a strong defense. These cases are trickier and tougher to fight, so it is crucial that you have proper legal representation. A car accident lawyer has the skills to build the best case for you so that you can boost your chances of obtaining compensation to cover your damages even if you were partially at fault. 

Taking the first step towards recovery can be difficult, but if you have a car accident lawyer to assist you with your claim it can help you get to your normal life much more quickly. Contact a top car accident lawyer today to obtain legal assistance. 

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