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April 17, 2021

Top Questions About Speaking to Insurance After a Truck Accident

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4 Top Questions About Speaking to Insurance After a Truck Accident

Your insurance agent should be one of the first people you call after a truck accident. You’ll need to let them know about your accident in order to make a claim, and they may be able to talk you through steps to take before you leave the crash site. While insurance is there to help, there are some reasons to be careful about what details to disclose to them during your discussions.

1. What Shouldn’t You Say to Insurance?

Discussing fault, injuries or who was involved in the crash is generally a bad idea. Anything you say in a conversation could be used as evidence for upholding your claim down the road. If you mention some injuries but not others or state that you caused the crash, insurance can deny you coverage even if it turns out that what you said was incorrect. Keep things short and simple when you speak to them the first time.

2. Should You Make an Official Statement?

The insurance agent may ask to record your conversation or request an official statement. Always decline this offer, no matter how persistent they are. Again, anything you say officially now could bar you from compensation in the future. By keeping things unofficial, you leave room to make changes to any errors in the future.

3. Should You Talk to the Other Driver’s Insurance?

You are not required by law to speak to the other driver’s insurance, even if you are filing a claim with them. If you get contacted by one of their adjusters, refrain from giving away anything but the most basic details about the crash. The adjuster is probably looking for flaws with your claim that can get them out of paying you.

4. Do You Need a Lawyer?

You may or may not need a lawyer for your claim depending on how comfortable you are speaking to the insurance adjusters on your own. If you have any uncertainty, feel free to contact a lawyer who can talk to insurance for you. It is perfectly acceptable to direct adjusters to your lawyer when they call you. This can relieve stress and benefit your case immensely.

Make a consultation appointment with a lawyer to discuss what you should do when speaking to insurance. You can ask any other questions about your claim to determine if hiring one is the right choice.

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