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April 09, 2021

Nursing home abuse lawyer

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Abuse at Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

Nursing home abuse lawyer

When it comes to nursing homes, they are generally places of refuge and care for their residents. The services and care they provide can help prolong someone’s life as well as make daily activities and functions easier. While they typically are good places of caring and professional staff, there have been some cases of abuse that occur at them. If abuse is happening to you or your loved one, then contacting local authorities may be beneficial if this is the case. A nursing home abuse lawyer may also be of assistance if you decide to take legal action against the home. 

Types of Abuse

The types of abuse that occur at nursing homes are not always obvious to loved ones of the resident. The abuse could be verbal or physical. When it comes to verbal abuse, this may be seen if your loved one is visibly afraid of a certain member of the staff and may even refuse to converse with them. If your loved one has told you about being verbally scolded or receiving threats from staff, then this may be evidence of abuse. As for physical abuse, this could be observed if your loved one has bedsores, bruises, scrapes, or cuts. It’s important to take abuse especially seriously as the daily life of your loved one may be impacted. Their mental and physical health could be impacted negatively as well if abuse is occurring. Always pay close attention to your loved one and to any unexplainable bruising they may have or questionable stories that could show abuse. 

What to do if Abuse is Evident

If the abuse of you or your loved one is clear, then keeping track of the proof of this through evidence is crucial. Write down any abuse that has occurred to you or write down what your loved one has revealed to you about abuse that has occurred to them. Pictures of the abuse and a record are important to keep track of if abuse is occurring. If you are unable to keep track of proof, then speaking with a lawyer is another great option as they can give important advice to you about a possible claim.

Nursing homes are supposed to offer guaranteed care and keep their residents safe and well nurtured during their times of residence at the home. If the nursing home is failing in these guarantees, then it is time to seek legal counsel from local law firms such as Davis & Brusca or contact the authorities.

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