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January 28, 2021

Should I Contact a Child Custody Lawyer?

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Whether you wish to renegotiate or modify a child custody agreement, adopt a child, terminate a marriage, or obtain guardianship of a disabled adult, contact me. Very often one issue will overlap with another legal issue, and whenever possible, a lawyer will be able to handle a client’s various legal needs so that they do not have to work with various lawyers. We encourage you to call a lawyer to discuss your child custody case and they can determine if you may benefit from working with a lawyer.

A Child Custody Lawyer Who Is Familiar with the Court System

A child custody lawyer is familiar with the local, state, and federal court system, as well as knowledgeable about the precedents and leanings of various judges, courts, and opposing attorneys. This has proven to be extremely valuable in representing clients during child custody cases as I can often anticipate from the onset what will be an effective legal strategy. In addition, I make myself available to appear in court on behalf of clients who have jobs and other obligations which can make it difficult for them to make court appearances. In this way, a lawyer can protect your legal rights and present arguments to the Court even when you are not present. Though there may be certain instances in which you will be required to appear in person, as much as is practical I will schedule these dates around your schedule.

Understanding Child Custody Terms

There are several types of standard child custody arrangements that are common, and your lawyer will help you gain a full understanding of each. The most common arrangements are joint custody and sole custody.

  • Joint custody is an arrangement whereby the parents put aside their differences for the benefit of their children. They share custody of the child as well as the costs to raise the child and provide him or her with education, clothing, food, and a home at each parent’s residence.
  • Sole custody is an arrangement whereby one parent has total and complete custody of the child. This is less common than joint custody. The parent who is granted sole custody by the Judge will have absolute authority in making decisions on behalf of the child. It will be up to that parent to determine what is in the best interests of the child whether it be educational choices, medical decisions, after school choices, etc. However, the parent who is not granted custody will likely still have the legal right to visit with their child as per the guidelines set forth by the Court.

Schedule a Free Consultation

It’s understandable that you may be feeling stressed or anxious about your situation and concerns about working out a child custody arrangement. I can help you through this process. Give me a call to discuss your case and learn how I can assist you. 

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