Best Construction Accident Lawyers Shorewood, WI Best Construction Accident Lawyers Shorewood, WI

Construction Sites and Injuries

Construction workers often put their bodies through the wringer daily. They can be exposed to some of the most difficult working conditions like weather, heavy machinery, and extreme heights. On-the-job injuries of varying degrees happen every day on construction sites around the country. Knowing what to look for when clocking in and how to handle an incident should one arise can significantly reduce your stress and the chances of becoming injured. As one of the best construction accident lawyers in Shorewood, WI, we have seen cases that have involved a broad range of injuries, including:

Scattered Debris

Falls are the most common culprit of injuries on construction sites. These are not limited to falls from great heights, but also those caused by tripping. One of the most practical ways to prevent tripping is cleaning the work area thoroughly. Leaving tools, garbage, and other items scattered pose the greatest danger. For example, a misplaced hammer knocked over an edge may strike someone below. Keeping a workspace clean as you work helps reduce these incidents. If you were injured by scattered debris, please call the best construction accident lawyers in Shorewood, WI today. 


Those who work near live wires know how dangerous the situation can be. However, if an exposed wire is left unattended too long, it may become a deadly threat to others on the job. Not only may someone touch it and get shocked, but also if the wire comes into contact with water, it can harm a greater number of people. Keeping any area close to wiring free of water or other liquids can help keep it from electrocuting workers. In the event of you being electrocuted on the job, please call Hickey & Turim SC to speak with one of the best construction accident lawyers in Shorewood, WI. 

Ignoring Safety Practices

Hardhats and goggles may not be something you like to wear all the time. They may be cumbersome to work with and in the heat of the summer, they may cause you to heat up even faster. However, failing to don the equipment the job requires may end up costing you more. Common injuries in the construction business result from workers either failing to practice safety protocols, or companies failing to implement and enforce them. Have you been injured because of poor safety practices at work? If so, please call the construction accident lawyers Shorewood, WI workers have been relying on for decades, call Hickey & Turim SC, today.

Taking Action After an Injury

If you find yourself injured on the site, there are two main things you should do. First, you need to seek medical treatment immediately. Sometimes the symptoms of an injury may not come on strong at first, and you may ignore the aches and pains. However, the sooner you seek treatment, the more likely the injury may resolve. Second, you must report your injury to your employer. This triggers the workers’ compensation process and helps get you benefits such as medical care and income.

Staying safe at work is not always possible. Accidents happen, and if you find yourself the victim of one on the construction site, finding the best construction lawyers in Shorewood, WI may make going through the recovery process less stressful.