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Workers Comp Lawyer Milwaukee WI

Workers’ Comp Lawyer Milwaukee, WI

If you’ve been injured on the job and are unsure of your rights, call Hickey & Turim to speak with a top workers’ comp lawyer Milwaukee WI offers. Your rights should be protected, but if you don’t know what they are, an experienced lawyer may help you understand them. Our attorneys have helped thousands of injured workers.

A Milwaukee WI workers’ comp may be aware of your employer’s responsibilities following a workplace accident. Your employer may not be aware of your rights, or they might deny them. Talk to an attorney at Hickey & Turim to discover how our legal team might help you during a free case review. In advance of your case review, here is some general information that may be of interest.

Your Employer’s Responsibilities After You Suffer a Workplace Injury

Every workplace injury is different, as the circumstances are rarely the same. However, as a worker injured on the job, you are entitled to certain rights. Only a qualified workers’ comp lawyer in Milwaukee WI can provide legal advice, but here are some helpful guidelines.

After sustaining an injury on the job while performing your job duties, you may be eligible for any or all of the following benefits:

  1. Lost wages. If the injury is such that you cannot perform your job until the injury heals sufficiently, you may be entitled to the money you would have earned, had you not gotten injured.If the employer provides you with a replacement job until your injury heals, and that position pays less than what you normally make, the employer may have to pay you the difference. You have the right to earn the same amount of wages as you did before the injury. This is also true for benefits that you originally earned, such as vacation time, medical insurance, and stock options.
  2. If the injury prevents you from working, and you must work a different job, the employer is responsible for paying for any necessary training.
  3. Physical therapy. If your injury requires you to undergo physical rehabilitation in order to perform your job, the employer must pay.

Make Sure Your Injury is Work Related

If your injury is not related to your job, your rights might be limited, and you may not be eligible for compensation of any kind. In addition, you might be at risk of losing your job under certain circumstances if you are not able to perform your duties due to no fault of your employer.

  1. Did the injury occur while you were performing your job duties? If the answer is yes, you probably qualify for benefits.
  2. Were you performing a task related to your job, or involved in a work-related activity when the injury happened? If the answer is yes, you probably qualify for benefits. Here are two scenarios:You were running an errand for your boss or employer when you were injured.
  3. You were at a work function, such as a holiday party or a conference, when you sustained the injury. There are exceptions that a workers’ comp lawyer Milwaukee WI injury victims trust may explain during a case review.
  4. If you were injured while on a break, but you were not involved in a work-related circumstance, and you were not on company property, you may not qualify for workers’ compensation.
  5. If you were injured in part because you had consumed alcohol or taken prescribed medication, but the injury happened while you were at a work-related event, you may still be eligible for workers’ compensation. If your employer says otherwise, consult with a workers’ comp lawyer Milwaukee WI employees rely on.
  6. If you have a preexisting condition that is aggravated by work performed while on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. A workers’ comp lawyer Milwaukee WI residents hire may request more details about your condition before giving you a legal opinion.

When an Employer Does Not Handle Workers Comp Claim with Diligence

If you or someone you love has suffered a condition due to a work-related accident, you can rely on a workers’ comp lawyer Milwaukee, WI trusts at Hickey & Turim for assistance. We can help protect your rights as you file for workers compensation benefits, and see that your employer handles your claim with due diligence. Sadly, some employers may be motivated to mishandle a worker’s claim, due to pressure to save the company money at all costs. It is important to us that our clients are aware of the signs that could mean an employer has been careless with their paperwork.

When browsing for potential a workers’ comp lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, it may be in your best interest to hire a legal professional that understands workers compensation cases specifically.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

When first telling your employer about the work-related incident which led to your condition, you will probably be able to tell whether your boss is compassionate or not. If you approach your employer about what happened, they may respond with support or attempt to discourage you from documenting the incident at all. If your employer has committed any of the following in regards to your workers compensation claim, you may want to consult with a workers’ comp lawyer serving Milwaukee, WI at Hickey & Turim immediately:

  • Your employer tries to persuade you to not file a claim
  • Since filing for workers compensation, you have been moved to a different department or had a change in job responsibilities/title
  • Your employer has not kept you up-to-date on the status of your application
  • Your employer tries to dissuade you from seeing a doctor the day of the accident
  • You find out that your employer was late turning in your workers compensation claim, or not at all

Reporting the Condition Promptly

Many workers may be afraid to let their employer know about a work injury or illness out of fear of retaliation or blame. However, the intention of workers compensation benefits is to provide coverage to the injured employee regardless of who was at-fault. Of course, there are a few exceptions. For example, if the worker was found to be drunk, under the influence of drugs or committing a crime when the accident happened, he or she will likely have the claim denied. It is vital that you report the injury or illness to your employer promptly, so it is documented that you responded to the condition with a sense of urgency.

Workplace Retaliation

If you were fired or had a change in job duties after filing for workers compensation benefits, then we recommend meeting with a workers’ comp lawyer for Milwaukee, WI at Hickey & Turim without hesitation. We understand how serious it is for a person to be not only fired, but now left on his or her own to pay for medical expenses related to the workplace injury. The worker may suffer severe financial crisis if faced with such a situation.

All new clients receive a free consultation, so please call us today to book your appointment with an attorney at Hickey & Turim. Do not wait to see if things get better, seek legal guidance from a workers’ comp lawyer Milwaukee, WI residents rely on now.  

Find out if your employer has denied your rights following a workplace injury. Contact us today at Hickey & Turim to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer Milwaukee WI is proud to call their own.

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