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January 03, 2020

Tips for Traveling During the Holidays

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The holidays are hectic, with people rushing to get gift shopping done between attending parties and area special events. For many people, travel plans have already been made to take advantage of the break by going out of town to visit friends and family members. Holiday travel has a well-known reputation for being rather chaotic, with long lines of traffic and tie ups at airports. The most important thing is to protect yourself against potential personal injuries, and these tips can help ensure you reach your destination safely.

Holiday Travel Safety Tips

The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is one of the busiest times for travelers, whether you are heading across the country or just across town. Being prepared and knowing what to expect can decrease your risks, helping you to avoid common pitfalls that make accidents and injuries more likely to occur.

If You Are Traveling by Air

If you are planning on either taking a flight out or anticipating visitors from other areas always be prepared and expect delays. Road work combined with the increased number of travelers can result in major traffic jams around local airports, depending on your destination, you should also be prepared for flight delays due to weather conditions. Follow these tips to help make the time you spend waiting for your flight safer and less stressful:

  •       Check airline flight schedules before leaving home to avoid unnecessary waits.
  •       Avoid leaving bags unattended and stay in populated areas of the terminal.
  •       Check the weather at your destination, as well as at any layover locations to ensure you are dressed appropriately.
  •       Wear comfortable shoes to avoid slips and falls as you race through airport terminals.

If You Are Traveling by Car

If you are planning on traveling by car over the holiday season, realize that you will not be alone. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), close to 50 million people plan road trips over Thanksgiving, with millions more making travel plans throughout the month of December. Follow these tips to help ensure you reach your destination safely:

  •       Get your car serviced by a mechanic at least a week or two before your trip.
  •       Make sure brake lights, turn signals, and windshield wipers are all functioning properly.
  •       Pack emergency supplies, including bottled water, a blanket, flashlight, and jumper cables.
  •       Make sure your cell phone battery is charged and keep a spare charger handy.
  •       Plan your itinerary, and let friends know when you expect to reach your destination.

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